How Bad Is Soda for Your Teeth?

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Every once in a while all of us like to titillate our test buds. Irrespective of whether it is soda, Coke or pop, sweetened carbonated beverages are enjoyed by everyone all across the world. There is almost nothing like a feisty drink that you can enjoy alone or after a meal.

Getting together for soda also provides an opportunity for socialisation for many people. Nevertheless, soda also comes with a variety of health risks and the most evident among them happens to be the dental care risks.

Content of Soda

Most of the sodas contain sweetener, carbonated water, at times artificial colouring and natural or artificial flavouring. From the perspective of dental or oral health the sweeteners and carbonated waters are the main causes of concern.

The carbonated water is something that provides the soda with the refreshing bubby sensation. Dissolved carbonic acid is what makes the drink carbonated.  But most sodas contain other acids as well which actually means that soda is an extremely acidic drink.

The sweetener can be high-fructose corn syrup, sugar which is in traditional Coca-Cola or another sugar substitute which usually is aspartame.

Why Soda is Bad for the Teeth?

One of the major reasons why soda is bad for health is because of the high level of acidity and sugar content. Each of these is not that great individually but together they can be destructive to the teeth.

This is because the bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugar and when they do that they also make acids. Your enamel on the teeth can get damaged by too much acid in the mouth that make the teeth susceptible to cavity and decays.

So it can be said that acid from the soda together with acid formed by the sugar-eating bacteria can wreak havoc on your mouth. In fact, it has been observed that the damage from the sodas can look similar to the damage incurred by drug abuse.  Both are capable of producing deep and rampant decay to many or all your teeth.

How much Soda is Excessive?

This is one tough question as it depends on how much soda you usually have that determines how harmful it is. If ingested in moderation along with a meal then it is more or less alright.  It is even better if you rinse or drink with water and brush your teeth after drinking soda.

The major problem, however, lies with consistent drinking of soda. Sipping even one can or bottle of soda throughout the day is not great. It’s a constant bath of acids and sugars in your mouth that triggers decay.

How to Prevent Damage with Soda?

The best solution, in this case, is to stop having soda.  But some people are just unable to come out of this. So here are certain things with the help of which you can decrease the risk of damaging in your teeth.  Just read on.

  • Drink Fast – The longer it takes to consume a soft drink the greater time it has to cause damage in your dental health. The faster you drink the less time the acids and sugars have to perturb your teeth. But this should not be an excuse for you to drink more cans or bottles of soda in less time.
  • Drink in Moderation – You should not go for more than one soft drink each day. Just one is able to do sufficient damage to your oral health.
  • Flush Your Mouth with Water Afterward – Rinsing your mouth with water after drinking soda will help to wash away any remaining acids and sugars and prevent them from attacking your teeth.
  • Use Straw – This will help to keep the damaging sugars and acids away from the teeth.
  • Do Not Go for Soft Drinks before Bedtime – Not only will the keep you awake or up, but the acid and the sugar will have the entire night to damage the teeth.
  • Prior to Brushing Wait – No matter what you think but brushing immediately after you have soda is not a great idea. This is primarily because the friction against the recently acid-attacked and susceptible teeth can do more harm than good. Instead of that you should wait for at least, half an hour or an hour and then go for brushing.
  • Get Regular Dental Cleanings – Regular exams and check-ups will identify the issues before they are worsened.

What about Diet Soda?

 It is a source of intrigue for many whether diet soda is equally harmful as regular soda. It is true that diet soda does not bear sugar but it is still quite acidic. And acid happens to be the most dangerous factor when it comes to your tooth enamel or overall health.

That is why diet soda is not a great alternative to regular soda because of the high level of acid. In fact, the most reputed orthodontist in Queens suggests that even the fruit juices are not a great alternative to soda as they are acidic and have a high sugar content, too.

So in conclusion it can be said that sodas or soft drinks are not a healthy choice but something that most people love. So if you are a soda-addict then it is advised that you should go for these drinks in moderation in order to maintain a great oral health.

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