Bad Credit Car Loans Guaranteed Approval Australia

Many finance company advertise for bad credit car loans guaranteed approval Australia but cannot deliver. At Centreline finance, we are experts in bad credit car loans and can service all postcodes in Australia. We can help where others cannot. Is your credit score lower than average or worried about past defaults? Well worry no more! Our specialist finance consultants are here to get you into your new car sooner. We offer bad credit car loans guaranteed approval in Australia. To check your eligibility for a bad credit car loan send us an enquiry online or give us a call for an obligation free quote. We will perform a preliminary assessment to determine your eligibility. Even if we cannot assist, we can offer some guidance as to how you could improve your chances of getting a loan approval in the future. We are only a phone call away to get you into your new car. Do not wait! Call us today and ask us about the bad credit car loan guaranteed approval in Australia.

Bad credit car loans

Paid defaults, unpaid defaults, discharged bankruptcy, past court judgement, we still can help. Call us to see if you qualify for a bad credit car loan

Best service guaranteed

Our finance consultant will look after your application from start to finish and provide regular updates on the progress of your car loan

Obligation free pre approval

Not sure whether you are eligible. We can organise an obligation free pre approval for you to determine your eligibility, the amount you can borrow for a car loan and the terms of the loan

Zero Deposit

No deposit required on our car loans. Apply for a loan, get approved, find a car and drive away. Fast simple and hassle free

Private sale car loan

At Centreline finance, we give you the option to not only choose your car but also to choose the seller. You can buy the car from any car dealership, private seller or even car auctions.

Low doc car loans

Working as a sub contractor and do not have financials? We can get you sorted with a low doc car loan. No financials or tax return required

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