Are you ready to wear a bra instead of a top this spring? Fashion tips

Top bra is a thing that remains in trend in the upcoming spring-summer season. It has long ceased to be underwear and has managed to retrain into an independent wardrobe item. However, if it can be worn solo in summer, in spring and autumn, it is better to combine the thing with dresses, shirts, T-shirts and T-shirts .

Spring-Summer Trends

The female body never ceases to inspire designers. Many of them moved away from masculine images and began singing odes to the classic women’s bra. Only now it is no longer underwear, but an independent piece that can be combined with many things. The main thing is to learn how to choose the style, materials and color.

If you prefer a classic style, a leather top will fit perfectly into your wardrobe. Adherents of casual and street style should pay attention to models made of lace or cashmere, which can add tenderness to shiza hassan saree. The sconces made using the crochet technique look no less interesting. However, here you need to remember about compensation so that the image does not turn out to be beachy. This means that if you choose micro shorts, the top should be covered.

How to wear a top over a turtleneck?

If you think that in combination with a skirt, trousers or jeans, a turtleneck looks casual, wear a crop top over it. This will add zest to the look and visually lengthen the neck.

Girls who prefer bold outfits should wear a turtleneck + bra combination. If a few seasons ago, suits from a midi skirt and top-bra, which were worn on a naked body, were in fashion, now stylists recommend wearing them on turtlenecks.

How to wear a top over a dress?

If you have a collection of dresses that you feel sorry for and don’t feel like putting on, try wearing them with a top. Examples:

  1. Over a knitted turtleneck dress, you can wear a loose top in linen style. It will make the set look textured, and at the same time hide the excess volume in the waist area.
  2. An off-the-shoulder top looks great with a shirt dress. It eliminates unnecessary frankness, adds a touch of street style to the outfit.
  3. A voluminous dress with an active pattern can be balanced with a laconic leather or cashmere top.

Remember that a sconce or crop top should differ in texture. It makes no sense to wear both a dress and a jersey top, as this, on the contrary, will overload the outfit. It is better to choose radically different materials.

How to wear a top over a T-shirt?

Top bra and T-shirt are classics of the genre. The popularizers of the trend were stars, models and instagram fashionistas, after which short tops burst into the fashion industry. If you want to freshen up your favorite tee, complement it with a lace top, strapless bustier or crossover. This detail will add graphicity to the shapeless top, make the image more daring and provocative.

Spring 2020 trends wear feminine dresses with hooligan jackets

The dress is perhaps the main representative of the women’s wardrobe. Only it is capable of making an outfit both gentle and provocative, emphasizing the dignity of the figure, and looking appropriate in any situation. However, many people associate dresses exclusively with romantic images. If you want to avoid this effect, try pairing the most feminine element of your wardrobe with menswear and rough shoes. This will create a slightly hooligan but stylish set. Trendy models of spring dresses

With the arrival of spring, most women dream of taking off their warm clothes and putting on the best things from the wardrobe. Dresses are best combined with spring landscapes and awakening nature. Their advantage is that they can be of any length, color and design. This allows women of any type of figure and lovers of different styles of clothing to wear them.

Over the past several seasons, the most trendy are the models “turtleneck” and “noodles”. They are made of soft jersey, which emphasizes dignity, gives a pleasant tactile sensation and freedom of movement. In winter, you can wear turtlenecks with a high collar, with a stand-up collar or a zipper. For off-season weather, models with a round or V-neck are perfect.

Fashionable looks with spring dresses

Modern designers include dresses of different styles and lengths in their collections. If you don’t want the look to be too vanilla, try wearing a dress with a jacket. In the past seasons, voluminous models burst into fashion, as if taken from a man’s shoulder. Due to their deliberately rough shape, they perfectly complement short and long dresses, making the image more daring.

To look appropriate in certain situations, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. For work. To create a business look, complement a feminine outfit with a classic jacket and a thin belt. Such a set will look better with pumps with low heels and a laconic bag.
  2. For a party. Meeting friends is the best excuse to show off a new thing. For a party, you can wear a turtleneck dress with an oversized jacket . In this case, it will perform the function of an accessory, which will also warm you in the event of a change in the weather. If you prefer street style, complement the look with sneakers or popular retro sneakers.
  3. For a date. For a romantic evening, the dress can be worn with a fitted jacket, which will visually make the figure slimmer. If the boyfriend is endowed with high growth, ankle boots or shoes with low heels will perfectly complement the image.

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