Fishing Boats in Dubai

Are you a novice at the Dubai Fishing sport?

You need to learn little fish mannerism and how the contemporary tools work before the Fishing trips in Dubai. It is all about experience, to pick right gear, which bait to use to target certain fish and how to spot the fish etc.

 The fishing can be distinguish between in two categories

  • With the help of bait is taken to catch the fish
  • Or the mimic food like artificial lures

To cast and retrieve it back successfully is the big challenge for a novice, this require little experience with the practice.  To practice it at the best is to go to the open space and do mocks with the help of rod and reel after setting the target, it is good to detach hook from the line end while you are on practice.

To start cast and retrieve bait fishing is the best place because there is no significance of the targets. If you are on a fishing excursion with kids then you need to be very careful because while casting they can hook themselves or others, which can end up in problem while you are on fishing in Dubai.

Different fish behave differently   

 It is important to understand while you are on fishing in Dubai that how a particular fish behaves under water because every time the time story is not the same with the certain situation. When a fish lifts its dorsal fin up, it is the sign of aggressiveness and it also show the fish is aggressive towards bait casted before it.

There are different types of baits like jigs, spinners, spoons, plastic baits, plugs and flies, these baits are used for the fish to entice or excite them and here the game starts.

How to spot on the place in water to cast the line?

Generally the bait fishing is done in shallow waters one need to find out the schools of fish, many fish school for sometimes and some fishes school for entire life, this is a synchronize swimming in harmony. The fishes draft off their neighbours easily and there many eyes so it is easier to find the food, the school also provides the sense of security to the fish. This is the place with good and easy chance to fish.

For the schools of fish power bait, earthworms, salmon eggs etc. with the hook size of 10 or 12.

How to choose the perfect gear before fishing trips in Dubai?

You need not to be affluent to get amused through this sport; the gears that are required are not much expensive they can be purchased online also. The gears required are a nice rod with a line, hooks, bobber and pliers to free the fish from the hook. There generally three types of rods and reels, the combination of reel and rod should be done wisely, to avoid this stress of combination it is better for one to go with combo packs because the combinations are already done there for you.

What to pick as a novice Dubai Fishing? A  Spin casting reels, spinning reels or bait casting reels

The novices are recommended to start off with the spinning reels for it is easy to handle and lasts long, the experts suggest picking the rod not on the basis of what one is going to catch but what he or she is going to cast the line on fishing in Dubai.

 Fishing Dubai Myth got busted!

Generally there are the people who think that longer the rod is bigger the fish they can catch but this is a myth only; the reality is that the longer rod is made to cast the line to greater distance. There is another thing that longer rods are less strong in comparison to the tiny rods based on the rule of physics.         

The power of the rod is not judged on the basis of size but the endurance power, this endurance power can be judges the more heavier the rod is the more aggressive moves can applied with it. Deep sea Dubai is obliged to make your Fishing trips in Dubai more comfortable and safe, we welcome you explore the waters of UAE and enjoy the barbecue by cooking your own catch, you are about to discover the spirit of the true indigenous sea food cuisine.

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