Android Auto 2.0 is available for all, compatible with all cars

At Google I / O, the developer announced a change for Android Auto: the ability to use his phone in auto mode, in any vehicle even incompatible previously, to take advantage of the optimized system for the road. This version is now finally being rolled out on the Play Store and is free to download.

The high-tech market is looking for new sectors to conquer, and it understands: sales of smartphones are only stabilizing, tablets have been declining for many years and the PC market is changing.

Also, many have focused on a booming market: that of the connected car. And for that, Google has developed a new alternative version of its system: Android Auto, dedicated to connecting his vehicle without losing the attention to the road.

It is not yet extended to many cars, but reserved primarily for the latest models. With version 2.0 of its application, it has decided to make Auto mode available to all. This new version unveiled at the I / O is now being rolled out on the Play Store!

Thanks to this one, you will be able to find a purified interface highlighting the most critical functions at the wheel: navigation, control of the music and calls are directly and merely accessible.

If you have at least enough to connect your smartphone with a cable jack to the audio system of your phone, you will already have access to a semblance of connection to the wheel!

Of course, you will have to remain attentive to the road all the same and stay well awake to driving! A connected car has many advantages, but will not dodge for you from possible accidents. At least, until the autonomous vehicles are finally accessible to all.

Android Auto available on Android devices, no longer need a compatible car

The internet giant has just announced that version 2.0 of Android Auto application is ” now available in every car.” For this, the screen of your mobile terminal will act as a dashboard for the application. You will be able to enjoy the interface dedicated to driving with information on the route to follow, options to manage music and your communications (via a hands-free kit).

The interface is, in passing, purified of all the data “which are not essential while driving.” In short, a dedicated interface, which one wonders why it was not proposed before?

New features arrive

Options have been added to the passage. For example, to automate things a bit, Android Auto can launch itself when the smartphone is paired with a Bluetooth device. Google is taking the opportunity to announce that it will strengthen its voice recognition system in the coming weeks and that it will integrate the automatic detection of speech via the keywords “OK Google.”

Version 2.0 of the Android Auto 2.0 application is being deployed in more than 30 countries, including France. Only prerequisite: have Android 5.0 minimum, almost 60% of terminals according to the latest count of Google

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