An Initiative by Rotary Club and Exotech-Digicentria for students taking online Admission to FYJC.

So lakhs of students have had their last day of school, an emotional farewell and also given their exams of SSC for the year 2017-18. It is a huge milestone and a major turning point in the lives of many students as they need to choose a stream or diploma after their SSC exams. Admissions of FYJC are about to start and there is a lot of tension, anxiety as well as excitement amongst students to choose their future path. But this is a very crucial decision as your entire life depends upon the college and the subjects that you choose for FYJC.

Problems faced by Students during the admission process and the mistakes that students make –

SSC results are going to start soon and just like always there would be several mistakes that students would be making in the admission process. With digitization of the admission process, there are a lot of new things introduced in the FYJC admission process and students lack proper hardware and systems that might be required to fill the form. Apart from that the choice of college and subjects is mostly done by students based on their siblings or friends’ choice and not according to their talent, interests and scope. Many a times students are not aware about the scope and opportunities present in the new career streams emerging with changing technology.

Another major problem faced by students as well as college campuses is the accumulation of plastic waste. Plastic waste is generated by visiting students throwing plastic waste in the campus such as wrappers, pamphlets and other similar stuff. This leads to de-beautification of the colleges and the same issue is prevalent in other areas of villages, towns, cities and all over the country. If awareness is brought amongst students then lots of households can improve and eventually it can bring about a change in the entire country.

The campaign of pollution and its effect on human life has been initiated by Exotech Digicentria and Rotary club of badlapur. The initiative aims at bringing awareness about pollution and changing the global scenario of issues faced by increasing pollution caused by plastic waste. The initiatives taken by these organisations are not only beneficial for the students and their future but also a stepping stone in building the future of the youth and mankind.

An initiative by the Rotary club & Exotech-Digicentria –

The Rotary club of Badlapur along with the Exotech Digicentria has found an innovative way to help out the students in filling the form for admission. This is a very noble initiative to ensure that any of the students do not miss out the opportunity to excel in his career due to some mistake in the application process. Many a times students from Marathi or Semi-English medium are talented but they do not have the necessary understanding to fill the application forms and end up taking admission in a low-grade college or some stream of education that they do not want to opt for. In order to avoid such a situation, Digicentria and Rotary Club has taken some steps in order to assist students for form filling process.

As a part of this initiative, the club members provide students with a proper and high-speed internet connection, computer as well as printing facility. Apart from that, they provide complete guidance about filling the form online as well as offline.

They have set up this facility in Thane west and Badlapur city in district Thane of Maharashtra and more than 5 booths have been set up with well-equipped facilities in these locations.

The program will be held in thane city and badlapur on the day when SSC results are declared. Around 5000 students would be participating in the event. To provide more information about the event they have created two Facebook namely


You can get more information about their initiative as well as the date and time of the event by visiting their Facebook page. If you are having any sort of doubts regarding admission then you must definitely visit the Facebook page to clear all your doubts.


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