An illustration about cancer during the tenure of Pregnancy

Pretty much on the lines of medications for infection in pregnancy, cancer is an unknown phenomenon. This is all the more during the tenure of pregnancy. The mothers along with the health care providers are not sure on how to cope up with it during the course of pregnancy. In the coming days a lot women are undergoing treatment cancer treatment during pregnancy.

For a change we have more information about people living with cancer and being part of the treatment process during pregnancy. You can say that this is the view point put forward by oncology pregnancy medicine as well.

You need to be aware of the fact that cancer hardly affects the baby directly.

But it can give rise to a lot of complications for both the mother along with the developing baby. You would need to find a doctor who has experience in cancer treatment of pregnant woman. Most of the cancer cases that occur during pregnancy are all the more with the younger lot. Out of the entire gamut, breast cancer tops the list. Though 1 out of 3000 women are victims of this form of cancer during the course of pregnancy. During this time the breasts are known to change their texture. It does make it a lot difficult to detect during the period of pregnancy. You can say that they may not even appear abnormal. For this precise reason, pregnant women with breast cancer are diagnosed much later in comparison to non – pregnant women.

The mere fact that you are pregnant is going to delay the diagnoses aspect of cancer. One of the reasons being that symptoms of cancer like morning sickness are common during the period of pregnancy as well. It also needs to be understood that pregnancy sometimes can go on to uncover cancer as well. For example, with the help of a pap smear test, you can find out cervical cancer. On the other hand, an ultrasound performed during pregnancy can find out ovarian cancer as well. The moment you find that cancer during pregnancy is there. This would be a cause for concern for both patients along with the health care providers in terms of diagnostic tests.

As far as the treatment options for cancer treatment are concerned the main objective would be that no sort of harm should occur to the baby. This depends on the type of cancer along with the stage and the size of a tumour as well. In addition, the decision of the woman along with their family also assumes a lot of importance as well. Any treatment which you are plan to undertake needs a lot of consideration. Here both the interests of the mother along with the baby should be protected. Most often than not there is a team involved in the entire process. They take the decisions based on mutual consent. The patient is also informed of the decisions so that the trust along with confidence is gained back. This does auger well.

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