All you need to know about the bharatnatyam kunjalam

Bharatnatyam is considered to be one of the oldest dance forms of India. It is easily one of the oldest and also one of the most popular. It is widely regarded as the mother of all classical dances. Previously known as Sudhir Attam, it has origins in Tamil Nadu and is considered to be almost 2 centuries old. This dance form is admired by people across the country because it helps in improving flexibility, improving balance, and increasing stamina, providing a healthy heart and also improving concentration. The costume is central to the entire discipline of the dance and the costumes chosen are mostly bright and vivid, something which immediately catches attention and is appealing to the eyes. For women, its a pyajama or dhoti and then comes the kunjalam at the top of the head. The kunjalam is actually more important than most people realize and today we are going to learn more about the same.

The main components of the bharatnatyam kunjalam

The bharatanatyam kunjalam is traditionally worn at the end of the hair braid. It is considered to be one of the most important and traditional south indian hair ornaments or hair tip jewel items. The bharatanatyam kunjalam is worn at the absolute end of the braid and adds the much needed sense of character to it. The Kunjalam has balls at the end of it and at the top it has a gold-plated, cone-shaped cover. What adds the much needed elegance and panache to the bharatanatyam kunjalam are the red color stones that are often embedded on it. The cap is perhaps the most important part of the bharatanatyam kunjalam and it is often seen that this particular area is embellished with the most elegant of engravings.

The popularity behind the kunjalam and the various situations in which it is used

The bharatanatyam kunjalam is very popular among women and little girls in South India and over and above traditional dances like bharatanatyam, it is also worn on some very special occasions. The bharatanatyam kunjalam is actually one of the best dance hair accessories and though the name suggest that it is primarily meant for the traditional indian dance of bharatanatyam, it is also meant for dances like jada kupullum. Different variants of the kunjalam are often entrenched with hair ornament. The bharatanatyam kunjalam is also known as the hair paranda and over and above bharatanatyam, it is also used in several indian festivals, weddings and most importantly, classical dances.

How are some variants of the kunjalam different than the others

Some variants of the kunjalam might have cotton threads at the end of with couple with gold-plated or cone-shaped coverings, at the top. Some variants of the kunjalam might have colors of different stones embedded on them for the purpose of adding a sense of elegance and luxury to the overall ornament. The kunjalam is a hair-wear and it is mostly filled with red stones or some other type of stones. The kunjalam isn’t strictly reserved for bharatanatyam and it is actually used by women and little girls for a wide range of dance performances.

Things to know before ordering the kunjalam online

The Kunjalam is an exquisite piece of jewelery which can suit the elegant image of just about anyone and everyone under the sun. If you buy it from online platforms then before you make the purchase, one thing you need to bear in mind, that the kunjalam that finally reaches you might be a little different than the images of the same shown on different shopping websites and platforms. The Kunjalam is one of the most traditional jewelries out there and it goes without saying that an original piece might be costly and out of the reach of some people. If you don’t that the kunjalam fits in your budget then you can consider buying an imitation variant of the same.

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