Affordable Cake Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Party

Picking the right birthday cake for your child’s birthday party is very important because kids love cutting birthday cakes and love it even more when they have a fun customized cake waiting for them at their center table! There are tons of different options online that you can find for cakes but some of them tend to go way overboard with your budgets.

Here are a few different types of cakes that you can order for your kid’s birthday that are affordable as well –

Photo printed cakes

These are the most affordable and easily available cake designs that you can choose for your kid’s birthday cake. You can choose a photo of your kid or a photo of his/her favorite cartoon character and get it printed on the cake. The ink used on the cake is edible ink and it is printed on a sugar fondant sheet which is then placed onto the cake. You can easily order this online by sending the photo you wish to get printed on the cake and the bakery will get it done for you. You can get a cake delivery in Bhiwadi, Ranipur, Mumbai and other small as well as big towns across the country. Photo printed cakes are also an affordable option because these don’t take too much time and with the advancement in technology, almost every bakery offers this service.

Fun shaped cakes

You can take the cake to another level by getting it designed in a certain shape and size. The cake could be designed in the shape of a doll, a rocket, a cartoon character and many other such designs and patterns using fondant and a lot of heavy cream and frosting. These cakes are slightly more expensive than the photo printed cakes and you will need to preorder these at your bakery. It is very important to pick a bakery that has a background of designing such cakes because these not only require time, they also require a lot of skill and professional baking tools to get the design right. You can get this designed online as well or at a bakery nearby that does cake delivery in Bhiwadi as well because such cakes need to be hand delivered very carefully. These cakes are generally bigger in size as well which makes them the perfect dessert option for extremely big parties.

Assorted cupcakes

These days, a lot of parents prefer keeping a cupcake-cake which is basically a certain number of cupcakes kept together to form a huge cake. This can be a single layer or 2 tier and 3 tier too! The frosting and heavy cream design with fondant is done across the cake which makes it appear as one big cake when it is, in fact, a lot of tiny cupcakes kept together! This is an excellent option if you have a lot of tiny tots at your party because it is a lot less messier than cutting cake slices for little kids! You can also have a lot of different varieties of cupcakes in this!

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