Affordable Art: Meaning and Sources

Affordable art- the term is quite subjective in itself. How one perceives this term depends on the amount he can invest in art at that point of time. For a middle-class person, affordable art would be something not exceeding 50,000 INR and for a rich –class person affordable art would be something ranging up to a lakh. A rich person might think that he has done a great bargain by buying a painting worth millions in lakhs from a reseller while a middle-class art enthusiast might not be happy even after getting a painting at the same price.

Nevertheless, the idea of buying and selling art at affordable prices is something that it’s getting a lot of attention from both the sellers and the buyers lately. The word is compelling enough for any art lover on a budget to invest in art. It brings new individuals in the art market. This surely is a win-win situation for the buyers as they get the paintings in the minimum amount possible and sellers as this increase their sale and the chances of these buyers investing a bigger amount the next time.

But the challenge that most of the new and even experienced art collectors face is that of finding art at reasonable prices. So, we tell you the places where you can find art at affordable prices. Take a look.

Online art galleries- Generally, online art galleries have more paintings on the display than the brick and mortar ones. The same happens because there is no restriction of the space. The online art portals have many artists emerging and established. You can easily find art prints, and even sections dedicate to affordable artworks. You would be required to do a bit of research in the beginning, after checking a few galleries, you will get a clear picture in your mind as to which online gallery you should buy the artwork from. Also, just don’t get stuck to the idea of buying art of a famous artist only.

Online auctions- If you have the amount then online auctions are the best places to start bidding. Just focus on getting a single great piece of work rather than buying six that are just okay.

Art college shows- This is a great place to discover raw, original and fresh works by some budding artists. The art college shows exhibit the work of college students who are learning the art for enhancing the skills they have got. The chances of getting a piece of art at a good bargain are quite high here.

Galleries- By visiting galleries, we aren’t asking you to go to the famed galleries but the ones that believe in promoting the works of young artists. These galleries sell art at reasonable prices. You will get some really good works of affordable art from there.

Apart from that, there are several other ways as well to ensure that what you buy turns out to be a great investment in future. The best way to ensure the same is to buy the works of senior and renowned artists. By saying so, we aren’t asking you to put a gamut of money in buying the work. You can buy a photograph or a serigraph of the work of the artist. You can also look for watercolor painting in spite of looking for acrylic or oil ones as the watercolor ones are relatively low-priced. This will not just fit your budget but will also rise in value.

Also, while buying a painting don’t just look for the painting with the lowest price rather the one that is worth what you pay. Remember it’s not just the work but the thought behind it that you pay for. Buy what you love as it will probably last a lifetime. Over time, you and the art you own will evolve. Other than this, just focus on honing your awareness by visiting as many art events, exhibitions, and auctions as possible.

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