Affordable and Durable Plywood in India

House construction and renovation require the use of many different materials. The material used in construction should be durable and can withstand a lot of pressure. In India, markets offer many materials that can be used in construction, but the most commonly used material is plywood. Plywood is very affordable and can be used in almost all areas of the house. From the kitchen cabinets to the window panels, everything can be made of plywood.

Sainik 710 plywood is one of the best in class plywood. It is one of the most durable and affordable plywood that can be used to adorn your house, along with giving it additional strength.

Among the many varieties of plywood, some are very popular among the Indian people due to their highly affordable and durable nature.

Why Sainik 710 is the best in class?

Plywood has many varieties and can be selected as per the need of the buyer. But if you are looking for plywood that deliver an all-round result, then Sainik 710 plywood is the one to go for.

  • Water-proof plywood

Sainik 710 is a water-proof plywood or BWP plywood. It is the most popular variety of plywood that is used in kitchens. It has a very reasonable price and provides the buyer with innumerable benefits. It is used in areas that are prone to water damage and can be used to neutralize the damaging effect.

  • Uniform pricing

You must be wondering that the superior Sainik 710 plywood will be expensive due to the features it offers. But you are wrong! Sainik 710 plywood is priced at a very nominal rate and the best part is that this plywood costs the same in any part of India. Whether, you are located in Jammu or Kaniyakumari, this plywood will cost the same anywhere. This is perhaps the only plywood in the market which is offered at the same price all across the country.

  • Plywood for life long

Sainik 710 plywood is for those who are looking for long term usage. This plywood comes with a warranty of 8 years and from here we can conclude that this plywood is meant for long term use. So, if you are looking to make furniture and build new interiors which will last a lifetime, then this plywood is one of the best products in the market to use.

  • Plywood that will resist extreme temperature

The Sainik 710 is created in such a way that it can resistant extreme heat and weather conditions. It is proven that this plywood can withstand boiling water without bending. Hence, if you live in a place where it experiences extreme temperature changes, then using this plywood might be a good idea.

  • Termite and borer proof

This plywood is chemically treated, making it borer and termite proof. Hence, once you use this plywood then you can be rest assured that you do not have to encounter problems related to termite and borer in the future.


All things considered, markets are flooded with many different varieties of plywood that need to be chosen carefully depending upon the requirement of the buyer. Some varieties of plywood can fulfill every need of the buyer. Not only this, but most plywood types are very affordable and easily accessible by people. It is the perfect construction material for your house. So, when are you getting suitable plywood for your house?

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