A Preview on the ATS Knightsbridge Premium Apartments in Noida

ATS Knightsbridge has recently developed the most luxurious residential and premium apartments at the heart of Delhi and Noida. The ones at focus in this article are the ATS Knightsbridge Residential apartments currently located at sector 124, Noida. 

The project spans over 6.15 acres of landmass with five sets of elegant and magnificent 47 stories skyscrapers towering the entire sector. The building towers over the whole citadel and provides the finest view far beyond the eye can see. Each apartment comes with 4 to 6-bed residencies, which span across the floor. 

The apartment buildings are built using the finest state of the art construction quality and utilize the best materials. One of the provisional apartment options called Sky Villa offers a luxurious experience to its users. Every apartment’s floor planning is carefully designed such that the private and the public areas and other corresponding spaces are always separated. Furthermore, each floor, along with the interconnected rooms and regions, is themed according to the expectations of the patrons. This beautiful expansion with towering skyscrapers is home to uber-sized, single residences per floor that invite the sun’s warmth, love and a lifetime of soulful memories. 

ATS Knightsbridge apartments have been strategically located, offering easy connectivity to important parts of Noida. These apartments also provide practical benefits to their residents. The deteriorating air quality has become the homeowner’s top concern while looking for new flats. With ATS Knightsbridge, you are guaranteed a clean environment, away from toxic air polluting sources. ATS Knightsbridge recognizes that luxury isn’t solely limited to huge living space. Residents enjoying a top-quality lifestyle along with staying healthy is what accounts for luxury at ATS Knightsbridge. 

HUB by ATS Knightsbridge is a unique and distinct take on the commercial space where you will find the finest commercial, recreational and entertainment spaces provided in a gold-rated green building with a highly secure 3-tier security. It comes with a 2325 sq. meters column-free commercial space for a vibrant office environment and a huge 6000 sq. meters area dedicated to amenities like a gym, swimming pool, tennis court, high-class shopping arcade, and food court. HUB by ATS Knightsbridge is most people’s top choice for an office space. The clubhouses in ATS Knightsbridge are made to suit the needs of over two hundred families with the children’s play area, 30 mini seat theatre, a business centre and high street shopping.

The ATS Knightsbridge cost of residential apartments start at ₹ 9 Cr. There exist other additional options beyond the regular package of residential properties, including but not limited to the premium residency and the penthouse residency packages. The price points for the different packages, along with their measurements, are shown below:

Type- Apartment

6000 sq. feet

₹ 9 Cr

Type- Penthouse

13000 sq. feet

₹ 19 Cr

The apartments at ATS Knightsbridge are designed keeping minimalism in mind but spare no expense on luxury. The design of minimalism is reflected in the architecture, pathways, archways, column-less hallways with private islands of gardens in each apartment complex. The rooms are sunlit by day and moonlit by night, covering all corners of the bedrooms and the sit-out decks. It also provides a twelve-seater dining table space with a designated bar corner and a high ceiling reflecting grandeur. No doubt, while opting for premium apartments in Noida, ATS Knightsbridge is a top consideration. 

Visit the ATS Knightsbridge site for additional information such as floor plans and queries regarding residential properties in Noida.

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