A Guide to proficient Order Taking Call Centres

If you own an e-commerce business, what is that one activity that decides whether the revenue stream of your brand is getting a constant rise?

When a customer explores your online store or your websites, the expectations are really high. Since the advent of technology, the majority of the businesses are trying to offer an exceptional service level at every step of the customer journey. One such paramount task is when the customer places an order. Imagine customers making a purchase from your brand and they could not find a proper number or assistance needed.

This is where the process of order taking comes into use. Firms of different industries such as manufacturing, travel, e-commerce, retail, and e-commerce are the ones that outsource their order placing process the most. So, if your customers are facing difficulty in placing their order, it might lead to agitation and could result in losing revenue for your business. Customers can face the crisis in any situation and you should make sure that suitable assistance is provided to them in the least possible time.

The order taking call centres are known to use multichannel marketing to provide an unparalleled range of service to the customers. Using these services, you can simply sit back and relax as your customers will be handled with professionalism and care. Still, there are some companies that still feel sour of the negative experiences they had with order placing vendors. Why are these firms complaining if the order placing services are so beneficial?

It may be because of the reason that the specific vendor is not following the best practice related to order taking process. For instance, an order placing agent should converse with the customers with care, polite mannerism and empathy. These traits can actually encourage the tactics such as cross-selling and up-selling to be implemented, which, in turn, raises the productivity of your business.

Let’s dive into the best practices that are followed in the eminent order taking call centres:

1.    Convenience is the key

The simpler and shorter your order taking process is, higher will be the benefits associated with it. A streamlined order taking process assures your customers about the dependability aspect of your brand. More the customers trust your brand, higher will be the chance to attain an enhanced retention rate. Be it a short-term objective or a goal to be attained in the longer run, efficient order taking process places your brand in a much profitable position.

Usually, the overall order placing process happens when customers call your business to book a product/service. At this stage, the customers might have to provide the information regarding the product/service such as type, attributes, and so on. In addition to this, the call centre agents can also request the customers to share the latter’s details along with the purchase history information.

So, if you offer the users the convenience they expect while placing an order from a business, a superior customer loyalty is inevitable.

2.    Handling the off & on season requirements

You can always push yourself to start an in-house facility, but you would be requiring hiring a team of experts and then provide them training too. This would consume your efforts and time apart from a good deal of your money.

On the other hand, if you choose to outsource your order taking to a competent call centre, the up-scaling and down-scaling situations are not going to trouble you. These vendors already have a good strength of agents who are readily available to deal with any high demand situation for their clients. So, if your business witnesses a peak demand time, additional experts would be assigned to your project. This solves the upscale issue completely.

Along with this, your business can also be assured if any customer wishes to place an order after your business hours, the efficient order taking agents will take care of it.

3.    Communication is elemental

First of all, if you are running a call centre or are a business owner looking for a proficient order placing vendor, ensure one thing for sure: if the more than one channel to communicate is available or not.

Call centres in present times are providing customer interaction on various digital channels such as email, live chat, text, and phone. Along with this, as a business owner, you should always think about your target audience and its preference with respect to the interaction medium.

Agents offering the order placing tactics should always ensure to keep the customers informed at every stage of the purchase process. Like, if you provide the ability to track the order, the customers will rely more on your brand. If any other issue related to logistics or inventory comes up, then also informing customers is a better way to keep the transparency.

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