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A Guide to Portable Fire-Fighting Equipment

There are two types of fire-fighting equipment: portable and fixed systems. The fire-fighting gear includes fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

Fixed equipment includes fire hydrants, sprinkle systems, and other fire suppression systems.

The fire extinguishers suppress small fires in the early stages. They are used to control fire and prevent it from spreading beyond the area of origin. It helps and allows the person present at the location to evacuate without being trapped. Fire extinguishers place at different spots in a building where there is a higher risk of fire. A fire risk assessment can recommend the need for fire extinguishers and identify the areas where they can be attached to the wall, at the spots where the fire hazard is highest.

In simple premises, a couple of portable extinguishers of the right type, readily available for use, will be sufficient to control small fires. In larger premises and buildings, several portable extinguishers can provide adequate protection; against fire hazards and save precious lives.

Choosing an Appropriate Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are selected according to the fire classification system. The Table is appended below for general guidelines.

Fire Class Material Involved Water Foam (AFFF) CO2

(Carbon Dioxide)

Dry Powder (ABC) Special Powder Wet Chemical  
A Wood, cardboard, paper, textiles, foams, common plastics Yes Yes No Yes  
B Petrol, oils, adhesives, varnishes, paints No Yes Yes Yes  
C Liquid petroleum gas (LPG), propane, butane, methane Yes Yes Yes Yes  
D Aluminum, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus No No No Yes  
F Cooking oils and fats Yes  
Electric Electrical installations, computers, photocopiers, televisions, etc No No Yes Yes  

Extinguishersshould be identified by proper labeling and color-coded for type identification of fire extinguishing media that a cylinder contains.

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All extinguishers are red, with identifying color bands around the top of the cylinder or labels. The main types of extinguishers are in the Table below.

Extinguisher Type Colour Code
Water Red with white label
Foam Red with cream label
Carbon dioxide Red with black label
Dry powder Red with Blue label
Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) Red with cream label
Inert gas Red with Green label
Wet chemical Red with yellow labels

To realize the expected benefits of the provision and use of portable fire-fighting equipment.The first thing is to make sure if fire-fighting measures in the form of extinguishers are required or not. It is about determining if the provision of extinguishers will save lives or not; if this equipment is not needed and no life-saving situations occur, then the extra cost is unjustified and can be cut.Inspection and testing of extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers must be maintained; in efficient working order and good repair to get reliable service in case of emergency.

It is good practice to subject all fire extinguishers to a monthly visual inspection by competent staff members.

All partially used cylinders need a refill; otherwise, they will be useless in the next emergency.

Fire blankets

Fire blankets are excellent in smothering small fires involving burning cloths, flammable liquids. The Class A & B fires are controlled in the nascent stage by these fire blankets.

They are effective for protection from excessive radiant heat during welding and fires. Fire blankets smother Class A and B fires, particularly; in situations where small fires involve combustion of cloth or flammable liquids, such as cooking pan fire, are involved. The fire blankets offer good protection during jobs such as welding against radiant heat.

Blankets need to be kept between the fire and the user to give the best protection against heat.  The blankets are to wrap a person whose clothes are on fire. Fire blankets suffocate fires by throwing and wrapping the burning object.

Blankets have limited but critical use in smaller catering establishments; it is safer to use fire extinguishers rather than fire blankets.

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