A Guide to Online Test Proctoring

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Online test proctoring has become popular in the certification industry for its hassle-free approach. More individuals are looking for professional certifications to pursue in order to upgrade their credential. The dynamic growth in the eLearning sector is also one of the reasons why we need technologies like online test proctoring. But what is it actually? Well, the proctored test is a system to evaluate the authenticity of the individual who’s taking the test, and also to prevent any kind of dishonesty. The test is being conducted in the presence of a proctor who is trained and qualified. This assessment helps you to sit for exams from any kind of location and a software is being used to allow the individual to take the exam from anywhere. Nowadays, more companies are investing in online proctored exams which will make sure the individual can sit for the test from anywhere. There are three types of proctoring, which are – Live Online Proctoring, Recorded Proctoring, and Advanced Proctoring.

Live online proctoring is a live proctored test where a proctor monitors the individual, along with the sharing of the feeds. This kind of proctoring service allows individuals to take the test from remote locations in the presence of a proctor who makes sure of the credibility of the test. But the test has to be scheduled in-prior as there’s human involvement and it is recognized as the most expensive one amongst other types. One of the leading providers of this model is ProctorU. The recorded proctoring is more of a monitoring the feed but in real time. Everything is recorded during the time of the test so that the proctor or respective person can play back the recordings to check any doubtful activity. Software Secure and Remote Proctor are known to follow this type of online test proctoring model.

There is no schedule or location constraint but it still needs human intervention which makes it expensive. The Automated Proctoring is known to be the most advanced type of proctoring. Here, the real-time feeds are being recorded throughout the exam to monitor for any doubtful activity. Face recognition is being used for the authentication and everything in the room is being checked for verification. It doesn’t need any human intervention which makes it quite feasible and scalable enough. Talview is known to be one of the advanced automated proctoring service providers.

Assessment providers such as Pearson offer ready-made assessment or online proctoring to its clients. Also, online education providers such as MOOCs or institutions provide online proctoring. More than 500 institutions are using exam proctoring services to verify the identity of the individuals. Several certifying agencies such as Oracle, Microsoft are using exam proctoring services to provide certifications to the students and professionals. Due to the rapid growth in e-learning in order to reduce time and money, exam proctoring services are garnering a lot of attention. As a matter of fact, it makes the global education more accessible along with flexibility.

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