A guide to buy Uber shares

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Statistics and data have shown that one of the key ways to build long term wealth is to invest in stocks. Almost all the members of the Forbes 400 wealthiest American list made it till there due to their early investments in the stock markets. It is understood that although you can make a lot of money by dealing with shares, it is still a difficult thing to do. Investing in online shares is one of the best things to do. You must have definitive financial goals when you think of buying shares. One of the very first things that is required in order to buy shares and start trading is a Demat account as well as a trading account. Having a Demat account will certainly enable you to store all the shares that you have purchased.

Uber is an American ride-hailing corporation offering peer-to-peer ridesharing as well as food delivery services. The headquarters of Uber is located in San Francisco and its operational networks extend to 785 metropolitan areas throughout the world. The Uber platforms are accessible via their mobile apps as well as websites. In places like California, Uber serves as a public utility.

The Uber stocks are one of the most popular IPO stocks available today. Investors today are looking up to Uber in case the company announces a possibility of initial public offerings. As per reports, Uber is on its way towards a turnover of $120 billion dollars.

Going according to the traditions only the accredited investors are capable of participating in an IPO before the stock gets released for the general public.

When you ask yourself “how to buy Uber shares”, you must consider a few of these things before finding out the answers.

How to buy Uber shares?

  1. Get ready to purchase Uber stock- If you are keeping an eye on the stock market then you should be ready to buy the shares when the time is right. In order to do that you will need a brokerage account. Opening an online brokerage account today is similar and hassle-free like opening a bank account. You need to fill a complete application, prove the identification, and choose your way of funding the account. Funding your account by transferring funds electronically or mailing a check. Ask your broker for tools of education such as stock trading research, investment guide and access to experienced individuals through email, online chats, branch offices as well as phones. For the beginners, this is essentially important as you will get customer service representatives with adequate knowledge and experience.
  2. Look under Uber’s hood- Uber is certainly a newcomer in the stock market. As a result, you cannot dig deep enough to find much about Uber. The best way of gaining adequate information about Uber is Uber’s Form S-1. Another viable option is reading the opinions of the analyst. While researching make sure you read about every detail of the company and inspect more or less everything from sources of revenue to its management team.
  3. Place your Uber stock-When you are finally ready to buy Uber stocks and your question of “how to buy Uber shares”.  A good broker often holds a few trading platforms. All you need to do is place an order ticket on the website of your broker, enter the number of shares that you want to purchase, and click the Uber symbol. Now you must place a market order in case you want to purchase an Uber ASAP. Place a limit order in case you have a fair price of Uber share in your mind.

When you choose a limit order you will have to fill in the limit price that is displayed on the order ticket. Your order will pass only if the stock meets or drops below the price. A confirmation will be displayed on the screen after you have confirmed your order.

Since Uber is such a household name, it is understandable that you feel more confident and reassured in buying the stocks of a familiar name. A lot depends on your financial state. Your financial situation will ensure whether Uber or stocks of any other company observes space in your portfolio. Your current holdings, as well as investment goals, are the factors that will determine your answer to “How to buy Uber Shares”?

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