A Concise Overview of DG Synchronization Panels

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Electrical panels play a pivotal role in the safe transmission and distribution of electric supply from one particular circuit to other sub-circuits across the industrial set ups. Without electrical panels, electricity cannot travel from one place to another. It would be appropriate to say that electrical panels do in factory set ups what the heart does in the human body.

The open market around is full of a large number of electrical panels, and it is not possible to explore each and every option. Thus, it is of immense significance to gather some basic knowledge about different electrical panels and their applications so that you buy the most suitable ones to serve your purpose.

This Article Discusses About DG Synchronization Panels:

DG Synchronization Panel:

A DG Synchronization Panel, as its name suggests, has some synchronization properties which make it the most prominent among all types of electrical panels. It performs functions by getting connected to other DG sets and checks the power failure situations. A DG synchronization panel synchronizes the power supply from a large number of sources, particularly when the power fails. This type of panel has huge demand in various industries. What sets it apart from others includes:

  • Rugged structure

  • Low maintenance

  • Easy operation & various added benefits.

Synchronization panels are designed, developed and utilized to meet the needs of different power systems. These panels perform functions both automatically and manually. The automatic synchronizing function in this panel works well for two or more generators or breakers. They are very comprehensively utilized in synchronizing generators for providing multiplex solutions.

These panels are manufactured utilizing premium quality electrical components while keeping in view the following:

  • Energy Import & Export Control

  • Programmable Operational Sequence

  • Peak Shaving Operation

  • Standby Operation

  • Load Sharing and Load Dependent Start / Stop for multiple Gensets

  • Soft loading

  • AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) Operation

  • Cogeneration (CHP)

  • Isolated & Main Parallel Operation.

A look at Some Important Technical Specifications of DG Synchronization Panels:

  • Application – Synchronization of DG Power

  • Reference Standard – IEC:61439-1,2009, IS:8623

  • Operational Voltage – 110/ 230V AC/DC, 415V AC

  • Control Voltage- 24V/ 110V/ 220V AC/DC

  • Phase/ Frequency – 3 Phase/ 50 Hz

  • Degree of Protection – IP-54/ IP-55

  • Form of Separation – 2b

  • System Automation – DEIF Controller

  • Operational Height – 300mm Min./ 1800mm Max.

  • Max. Height of Panel – 2275mm.

  • Width of Panel – 700/ 900mm.

  • Depth of Panel – 600/ 1000/ 1200mm.

In India, the wide range of high quality DG synchronizing panels is made available by reputed DG synchronizing panel suppliers with diverse capacities of connected generators. You can find such manufacturers and suppliers on the internet just through a research of few moments.

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