A Comprehensive Guide On Lab-Grown Princess Cut Diamonds

If a sophisticated presence and an elegant ring style are what you desire, the popular princess cut diamond is all you need. Princess cut diamonds are the most famous fancy shape that every other woman loves. The princess cut is a modern diamond cut that works perfectly to gift your partner as an engagement or wedding ring.

With clean lines and a modern, stylish blend of old-world sparkle, the lab-grown princess cut diamonds are endlessly versatile and sure to delight. The spectacular sparkle and gorgeous shape make the diamond worth buying.

What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

A Princess-Cut diamond is traditionally a square diamond that offers exceptional fire and brilliance. This fancy diamond shape is specifically designed from the inverted pyramid of a rough diamond stone. Princess Cuts are among the most brilliant diamond shapes and are a popular choice for engagement rings.

Key Features of a Princess Cut Diamond

The cut of a princess-cut diamond is one of its most significant advantages, making it an affordable choice. It is both modern and elegant in style. Look at the following elements of lab-grown princess cut diamonds.

  1. It contains two or more chevron patterns.

  2. It is a popular choice for engagement rings and fine jewelry like earrings.

  3. These square-shaped diamonds have the most brilliant shapes.

  4. It costs less per carat than other cuts.

Why a Princess Cut Diamond is Worth Buying?

The primary reason princess cut diamonds are worth buying is that they are more affordable than other diamond cuts. The princess cut yields around 80% to 90% range that costs less per carat. Princess cut diamond is made from rough diamond crystals. The quality of these lab-grown princess cut diamonds is relatively high and is well-formed.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds Online

A diamond created in a lab is the best option to consider. It is a cost-efficient and eco-friendly diamond for your engagement or wedding ring. However, before buying a lab-grown diamond online, here are a few things to consider.

1. Do Your Research

An integral part of buying anything, especially when it is a diamond you are looking to buy. A lab-created diamond is a natural diamond that looks similar to the mined ones. The shape, size, and colors are the same. You can start by researching a trustworthy jewelry store to buy a real lab-grown diamond.

2. Check the Availability of Colour, Size, and Shape

Understand your partner’s preferences and tastes, then check the shape and size accordingly. The different shapes include oval, cushion, round, lab-grown princess cut diamonds, and various others. However, you can always contact the store to customize your ring as you may dream.

3. Make sure you are aware of the 4C’s.

Whether you are buying a mined diamond or a lab-grown one, the 4 C’s are essential factors. To understand the quality of the diamond, you must check the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Thus, this will significantly affect the cost of the diamond.

4. Keep in Mind your Budget

No doubt, lab-grown diamonds are less expensive, but the quality of the diamond is high. You can go through the carat, size, cut, and color to select according to your budget. Moreover, if size matters to you, look for a larger stone with a slightly lower carat.

5. Don’t Miss out on the Grading Report.

The stunning qualities of a lab-grown diamond can always sway the buyers. Before you buy lab-grown diamonds online, you must hold on and ask for a certified grading report from a reputable lab. Thus, this way, you will not fall for a false diamond.

A Side Note: The process of creating lab-grown diamonds is eco-friendly. These diamonds avoid the use of harsh chemicals and large machinery. Thus, you can flaunt your diamond ring without worrying about the harmful effects on the environment.

The Final Thought

The lab-grown diamonds are identical in appearance to the mined ones. The lab-created ones offer similar qualities at an affordable price. The wide range of varieties in size, color, cuts, and carats allows you to buy lab-grown diamonds online. You can even plan to surprise your better half with unique and beautiful rings, from luxurious designs to modern minimalist ones.

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