A Comprehensive Guide on Choosing the Cotton Bedsheets

Do you know that the average person spends almost a third of his or her life sleeping? But the right cotton bedsheet can make you sleep better. Remember that selecting the best bedsheet for your bed can have an amazing effect on the quality of sleep you get every day.

With a wide range of cotton bed sheets, you can easily add style, color as well as pattern to your bedroom. You can always expect a comfortable and peaceful sleep with the right bedsheet.

No matter how good your current mattress is, choosing the right bedsheet is really important for good sleep. While buying cotton bedsheets onlineyou must consider a few things in order to make the right choice.

Thread count

When shopping for bed sheets, thread count is the first thing that you need to consider. Thread count mainly indicates the number of threads woven into one square inch of the bedsheet fabric.

The higher the thread count, the softer and smoother the bedsheet will be. Due to this reason, thread count matters with premium quality bedsheets. Higher thread counts bedsheets need more finely spun thread due to which bed sheets with higher thread counts are costly.

Measure your bed

Before purchasing a bedsheet, it is essential for you to measure the size of your bed. Carefully, measure your bed size right from top to bottom, side to side as well as the thickness of the mattress.

In this way, it will be easy for you to buy the right cotton bedsheet for your bed. While shopping, you need to be sure that what exactly you need to buy.


Several people are extremely attentive while selecting the new mattress so that they enjoy a cool night’s sleep. However, if you fail to choose a quality bedsheet then you cannot expect good & comfortable sleep.

It is always better to buy a cotton bedsheet because it not only allows air to flow through the mattress but also ensures dry and cool sleep for a long time. Such kind of bedsheet also wicks away moisture from your skin while sleeping.

Check bedsheet measurement

Once you know the size of your bed, it’s time for you to check the exact size of the bedsheet that you want to purchase. It is important to pick the bedsheet that is deep enough for you to tuck in the mattress.

Remember that there are a few cotton bedsheets that often shrink by 7% in the very first washing.


Nowadays, you can find a wide range of bedsheets that are available in different materials as well as sizes. The material of the bedsheet has a great impact on its feel, how long it will last as well as the amount of air that flows through it.

Among all the types of bedsheets, a cotton bedsheet is considered the best because it gives you a cool and crisp feeling, helping you to fall asleep quickly. Not only this, but the cotton bedsheets also last for a long time and are easy to wash due to their lightweight.

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