99apps APK Store Free Download for Android 2018

There is the number of applications that we download every day on our android phones. These applications are part and parcel of our daily life, from playing games to reading books with 99apps, counting calories to searching for our favourite restaurant, these apps can do it all.

These applications have become the inseparable part of our lives. Android users download these apps from Google Play store, which is the hub of all these applications.

However, there is yet another option for Android users through which they can download the applications and can use them. Like play store 99apps APK store is yet another place where there is the number of applications available that too with the variety of unique features.

99apps Apk is originally referred as 9 apps but due to misunderstanding some people spell and pronounce it as 99apps APK.

It has the variety of applications in almost all categories, you can easily get 9apps install download 2018 on your android phone. You just need to register in the same to avail the benefit of downloading the applications from the store. Registering in the same would require some information only and would not incur any sort of charges from the user.

Best Features of 99apps APK:

  • Its user interface is really friendly, it works as a search engine through which you can search different applications that you want to download and use.
  • The downloading process is really easy and convenient, a single click will start the process of downloading.
  • You will find all the applications that are available on Play store, however here you will get few additional features in the app to explore.
  • Through vidmate video downloader app, you can download the applications on your desktop even.
  • Once you download the items from 9 apps store it will directly be placed on your home screen or desktop.
  • You can download as many as apps you can but each day in each category only 3 apps will be shown. It will keep rotating in a cycle where every day new apps will be shown and previous apps will not show.
  • There will be various categories to make the app more user-friendly and convenient. The categories will be like Games, Sports, Movies, entertainment and many other alike categories.
  • The super-fast interface makes this app store less time and energy consuming. It will consume very less of the data pack. Moreover, no offline charges will be applicable to use the application.
  • You can easily download apps like Xendor, YouTube downloader and many other apps which are not easily available on Google play store.
  • Even if some apps are paid, you need to pay a very minimal amount of money to use the applications that you wish to download.

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There is the number of applications available with 9apps apk that you can explore and can enjoy its unique features. So to have the maximum number of benefits download 9apps apk along with Google play store. You can easily download this app from 99apps download.

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