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9 Tips To Have A Quality “Me Time” During The Covid-19 Outbreak

Fishing is an activity loved by all. You will hardly find someone who can say no to a Dubai fishing trip. But time is not always the same. We come across things we don’t want and have to accept it. The Covid-19 pandemic is also something similar. Nobody wants to ditch their love for fishing in Dubai but the virus is making them do so. It’s hard to stay away from something you love from the depth of your heart but safety comes first.

There will be moments when you will feel lost in your own chaos. There would have been something similar in the past and fishing would have been a saviour but that’s not your reality anymore; you need to understand that. At those moments, all you need is some “Me Time”. Here are a few things that will help you with a quick escape:

#1 Enjoying A Coffee

There is no replacement to enjoying a coffee alone on your porch. You get to feel refreshed instantly while enjoying the view surrounding your house. It may not be fun like being on fishing boats in Dubai but it will definitely give a boost to your energies within minutes.

#2 Watching A Movie

This outbreak is asking you to work from home and saving at least two to three good hours on a daily basis. What are you doing in those hours? Don’t you find it too boring to just sit? If you do, you can try watching some movies based on fishing. It will not just take you to another world but also prepare you better for your future fishing trips in Dubai.

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#3 Listening To Music

Listening to music is a great way to bring your inner feelings out without anyone watching. You must have done this while enjoying fishing on fishing charters Dubai. And you can do it again and attain the same relaxing vibes.

#4 Going For A Walk

Solo walks are the best when it comes to having some “Me Time”. Corona or no corona, we are always occupied with tons of work which leaves no time for self-care. Going out for a walk can be the best escape.

#5 Enjoying A Sunset

It is always a pleasure to watch a sunset. The view is just amazing and worth every moment of your “me time”. Who wouldn’t love to be greeted good night in the most fun manner? It is a view to get dissolved in.

#6 Potting A Plant

You can visit a local nursery with your mask and sanitizer or simply ask for a plant from your neighbour who is good at gardening. This time, you are not supposed to seek professional help. Pot it by yourself and bless yourself with something of your own. This can be a great alternative to a Dubai fishing trip.

#7 Sitting In A Park

Another old yet effective formula is to spend some quality time sitting in your nearby park. Look for a park that is not crowded. Carry your Sanitizer and you’re good to go. There is nothing wrong in getting lost in your old fishing memories until you get to create some new ones.

#8 Photography

You must have done this while being on fishing boats in Dubai. However, a boat is not the only place to enjoy this; you must understand that. It is very much possible to find beauty in even the smallest things around us, isn’t it?

#9 Ditching Electronics

This is the need of time. While many may find it as their only means of entertainment, it is actually more irritating. You can find more information over the internet about the ill-effects of TV, computers, and mobile phones. Ditching them for a while will promote relaxation!

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