9 Tips to Make Beach Date Romantically Successful

9 Tips to Make Beach Date Romantically Successful

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When you hear the beach, what comes to your mind? Fun and adventure are two descriptive words but it can also be romantic for couples. There’s something romantic about beach – it can be the ocean breeze, the gush of cool water, the wind gently blowing, or maybe the whole surrounding.
Beach is one of the romantic getaways the couples and people dating can do. It’s a perfect place to be intimate with someone. Moreover, it’s a unique date idea compared to usual dinner or coffee hang out.
Whatever it is, it’s always a good idea to have a beach with your special someone. But what makes a beach date successful? Find out below:

Stroll in the seashore
Beach date means walking along the water and holding hands. Be one with the nature and aquatic environment. Feel the gush of cool water touching your feet. It’s an awesome experience when you’re with someone special.

Holding hands while strolling the beach

Stroll in the seashore
It’s easy to notice the chemistry between partners. They usually hold hands nearly everywhere and any time they are together. A beach dates also calls for holding hands while strolling the seashore. Let your feet feel the sand and water while both of you hold each other’s hands as if that is the best thing at the moment. This experience is so powerful it can seal the relationship for good. Be with one another. Either of you can initiate to hold hands.

Catch the beautiful sunrise or sunset
One of the most romantic activities on a beach date is catching the sunrise or sunset. Both times is a good chance of having the beach all to you. Watch the sun as it goes up or down. Both of you can watch the spectacular sky and have a more intimate time together. Depending on what you really want, both of you can stay all night and watch both sunset and sunrise. Then you can have an early breakfast or picnic the nigh before. But before this date, choose a beach that is safe and easy to navigate. Also, check the weather beforehand.

Put an appropriate dress
A beach date doesn’t mean getting tan all day for a perfect physique balance. When you’re on a beach date, wear appropriate clothes. You still want to be presentable as much as possible even if you’re in a beach. If you want to hide some beer-belly feature, then maybe you can wear an oversized shirt. It’s still a good piece of clothing at the beach.

Build your own sandcastle
Another activity that makes both of you feel young is building a sandcastle. You can impress your date with your ability to build a three to five-story terraced sandcastle with some garage and breakfast nook. Maybe you can do a research about it before you go on a date. One disadvantage of this activity is spending more time with creating sandcastle than with your partner. As suggestion, you can ask help from kids at the beach to help you out while having fun.

Visit the nearby attractions
Before heading out for the beach on a date, you should do some research if there are any nearby attractions you can visit after enjoying yourselves in the seashore. It’s also a good alternative if the weather becomes ugly; you have another place to hang out. Maybe you can also get some discounts for those attraction fees.

Be young at heart

Be young at heart
Now, if you have a partner who is active or sporty type, beach date would be a great idea and both of you can be young at heart playing in the seashore. Both of you can do some things when you the beach. It includes running in the seashore, joining some beach volleyball games, throwing some Frisbee, or building sandcastle together. You can take this good opportunity to act young at heart and do fun things. You can buy some food from snack stand like hotdog sandwich and ice cream.

Picnic at the beach
If you want more romantic beach date, you can consider picnic. It’s completely a scene out of romantic movie. What you need to remember about beach date? Pick a date and perfect time to have your picnic plan. When you successfully pick the date and time, you set up a place in the beach for a fire, lay out your favorite blanket or lounge chair, and bring your cooler of food. Another romantic stuff to bring is champagne or wine in a bucket of ice. You can also ask for help from a friend setting up the place. This one will definitely impress your date or partner.

Don’t forget to bring beach essentials
When going to the beach, you’re thinking it would be perfect since you’re with someone you like or love. You have the chance to see both sunset and sunrise. Moreover, you have a great chance to cuddle with your love of your life. So what makes beach date more fun and successful? By bringing these essential stuff:

Folding lounge chair
Beach umbrella
Bottle of water
Flip flops
You can bring other stuff based on you and your partner’s needs for beach date.

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