9 reasons you should cater your next event with food trucks

Events invite huge masses to their venue, and if foods and drinks are not up to the mark, they aren’t likely to enjoy it. The traditional catering systems with set-up kitchens are great, but as much as they’re rigid with their menu, their charges are even higher. Food trucks offer a great advantage in such situations. Moreover, they offer several other plus points for event organizers, mentioned further in the feature.

Attract crowd

Food trucks tend to move from street to street. They provide different niches of food with variety in their menu. Hence, they are famous among the local crowd. When food trucks visit the local event or music festival, this crowd comes along as they already like the food. So, if you’re promoting your event in Jacksonville, try informing people about the catering food truck (or trucks). Promoting a popular food truck can lead the crowd and increase ticket sales for your event.

Delivery options

Food trucks offer different catering options. Unlike traditional catering companies, they’re not rigid with their service. They offer options as to whether you want them to cater (they serve food to guests free of charge, and you’d pay them a fixed amount) or have them as an on-site vendor (they sell food to the guests and charge for it). The former is generally opted for intimate events like weddings or birthday parties, while the latter is convenient for music festivals or public outdoor events.


Food trucks offer convenience as they simply drive up to a place, take a space and start working. With food trucks, you don’t require a heavy setup space for the kitchen or need to carry heavy utensils and cutlery. There is no requirement for post-cleanup as they simply drive away.

This eventually benefits the venue owner as catering becomes low maintenance with mobile food trucks. As they bring their own disposable cutlery, drink cans, and dustbins, it is convenient for the guests to eat and dispose of the waste. The only advice would be to clear beforehand when the chef will arrive, where they will park and how the payment will be handled.

Suit indoor as well as outdoor events

If the event venue is big enough to accommodate a food truck, they can be driven inside or outside of the venue. This portable kitchen can be set up anywhere with space and serves many people at once.

Event exposure

Food trucks are popular with local crowds, and they have a great social media presence as well. So, as they communicate with their followers about their upcoming visits, it brings exposure to the events they’ll be catering at. This creates buzz, and people buy tickets to grab amazing food along with entertainment.

Supports local business

Local entrepreneurs often run food trucks that can’t expand their kitchens to a larger scale. So, when you hire local food trucks, you support local community businesses.

Low-cost option

Food trucks are greatly affordable in comparison to traditional catering services. Not only do these caterers charge per person, but their average costs are too high. However, food truck charges are way less than per head costs of caterers. So, a food truck is a convenient choice if you don’t want to hire an on-site vendor.

Quality and variety

Food trucks mostly use fresh ingredients. So, their food preparation is fresh, and as they cook and serve on the spot, their food offers great taste and quality. In addition to the food quality, the food truck chefs offer variety in their menu and customizable options.

If you ask them, some food trucks also offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and kosher foods.

Speedy delivery

Food trucks in Jacksonville are known for their speedy food delivery. They deliver faster than most caterers as they cook and serve on the spot. This is because they are habitual in producing a high volume of food daily and efficiently. So, they know how to tackle large crowds efficiently.

Final Say

Food trucks are the new trend in the US. You can see how people love food truck menus and buy a lot from them. So, if you’re going to organize an event, hire a food truck to make it even more popular.

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