8 Qualities must Be Having in Becoming a Security Guard

Secura Security provides security guard for any type of site, be it commercial, office space, retail, critical infrastructure, public sector or high-risk residential property. Our staff has many years of experience in a wide variety of security services – from perimeter custody of construction companies to private and retail condominiums.

You can outsource all your security requirements to us, or use our highly trained and motivated staff to support your internal teams. Our experienced and professional officers can work in the client’s corporate clothing or high profile uniform, according to their requirements. All of our Security Guards have the support of dedicated regional operations supervisors, as well as our compliance team that can offer you valuable advice on the security of your property. Also, the advisory support network of our supervisors is available to help you 24 hours a day.

As an accredited Security Company, all of our housekeeping and security guards are highly trained and have the credentials of Secura. Additionally, our company has evaluation methodologies for our staff, so that they undergo an extensive history and background accreditation before being deployed to our clients’ facilities.

Our Security guard reward and recognition programs recognize excellence and commitment to employees of the month and employee awards of the year with appropriate rewards. It is an opportunity for us to recognize and reward a job well done.

Combined with the security guard, we can incorporate supervised access control, CCTV and search routines, also using electronic detection equipment where necessary. We offer the best quality of service, demonstrated by the high customer satisfaction today, we have frequent recommendations and a wide range of accreditations. Our clients consider us a profitable partner that offers excellent value.

Training in the area: – The best private security guards are those who have undergone the necessary training that helps them gain very important skills and knowledge to perform their duties efficiently.

Verifiable experience: – An experienced staff has extra knowledge that is not learned in training that can be very useful in their work. Trained and experienced guards know very well what to do or at least know how to react in a given situation. Additionally, the experience provides confidence to the security guard which transmits when serving the public.

Honesty and ethics: – One of the most important qualities of an excellent security guard is honesty. You need someone trustworthy for your company, that is, when hiring your security staff, you should feel calm because it eliminates the concern of security in a certain area. Sometimes there are internal jobs or confidential information that can be sensitive; Choose a staff with whom you feel safe to share this type of information.

Common sense: – Although there are some rules that your staff should follow, you must have enough common sense to know what to do in each situation that comes your way. You should know how to evaluate independently when there is a possible risk situation for your client without the need to be constantly consulting superiors. Independent and assertive thought is what you should look for.

Ability to guide and follow: – Another very important quality is the ability of security guard services in Delhi & Gurgaon to have is his ability to be a leader. Many times, if your company is large, you need a large team of guards; so it is sometimes necessary for them to work as a team.

This means that they should know when to take charge of a situation and direct their peers when necessary. However, this quality is also important on the contrary, it is necessary that your staff also knows how to abide by rules and orders, particularly those provided by the client.

Communicative ability: – Your private security staff should be able to communicate. This feature includes not only communication with your client but communication with other people in your work environment. This feature is also ideal when they have to deal with the public constantly.

Fitness: – It is not because of good looks or anything related to that, but your security personnel must be fit. Your company must be safe with a private guard who can run, jump and perform any other feat in any emergency that may arise.

Efficacy and spontaneity: – An excellent security guard must be able to make sound decisions, must have critical reasoning. However, you should be able to make these decisions in a short period, it is a quality that you will need a lot in emergencies.

Choosing a security & housekeeping staff for your company is not an easy job since it is an area that can become sensitive. There are certain characteristics that you have to keep in mind when choosing to hire the security service to fill this important position. Housekeeping services in Delhi NCR must be trained, fast and effective; But the most important thing is that you hire a team with which you feel calm when leaving your security or that of your company in your hands.

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