8 Amazing Adventures Activities must try In India

Trying new, challenging and arduous is the dream of every adventure lover. From hiking, wildlife hunting, skiing to hot air ballooning, India’s massive adventures have always challenged adventurers. Traveling from north to south or from east to west, you will find countless activities that not only excel in a brave world, but also promote adrenaline surge.

There are many amazing adventures activities to try in India, and you can choose the right person for your needs.

  1. Mountain Caving

Mountain caving is not a new activity that you can find in India but nowadays people acknowledging the fun related today. Imagine yourself in the dark caves and tight places to reach a destination which is not known to you. Explore this activity and find new destinations.  To try caving you should plan your holidays to Meghalaya.

  1. Spine chilling Trekking

Trekking is a quite common activity that can be found in India but still, people love to enjoy this activity. When you want to experience something really chilling then you must try trekking in some of the most dangerous locations and one such location is Zanskar Riverin Ladakh with the sub-zero temperatures that make it really difficult.

  1. Snorkeling

We all have an urge to travel in our lifetime and we as a traveler want to visit such places which become a memorable experience for us. You can make your trip memorable with snorkeling. Get your tickets done for Andaman as it is one of the ultimate destinations to enjoy snorkeling.

  1. Ultimate Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping is ultimate life experience and people try it once in their lifetime. Experience your worst fear with cliff jumping and the best place to experience it is Rishikesh. Terrains of Shivpuri are famous and provide a real experience.

Mauritius is the dream destination to visit and the most desirable place to visit. It’s a heaven on earth. Mauritius has places in abundance which are eye-catching and if they are visited one time a person cannot resist the temptation of visiting them again.

  1. Feel Like A Bird With Paragliding

It is true to say that paragliding gives you wings and you can feel like a bird. Although it has been done under instructor it has the feel that makes you really worried about your life? The best place to enjoy the paragliding is Goa and there are many other famous destinations that provide this activity.

  1. White Water Rafting

Rafting in Rishikesh is best enjoyed from November and March. The raft began to meet in the icy, unpredictable currents of Shivpuri and Kaudiyala, the starting point for the III and IV rapids. These jets are graded according to their complexity, and Rishikesh is the perfect center for thrills, chills and spills.

  1. Camel Safari

Camel safari is one of the most popular and adventures activity in Rajasthan. Camel safari in Bikaner – exploring the local villages, visiting palaces, desert forts and ancient temples. The range of safaris varies from short safaris for a few hours to longer ones from 4 to 15 days giving a beautiful view of the desert. To explore Rajasthan all cities you must travel in palace on wheels for 8 days. Do you know information about Palace On Wheels.  If not, search in Google you will surprise when you know about this luxury train.

  1. Hot Air Ballooning

Desert Rajasthan is the most popular place and adventure activity for hot air balloons, it takes place in Jaipur, Pushkar.

To enjoy this adventure, you must visit Rajasthan. Explore Rajasthan on a luxury train Palace on wheel, to book Palace on wheel you must go official website or best travel agents.

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