7 types of cakes that everyone should know about

Everyone loves to eat and some of them even like to bake also. There are many types of cakes which can be perfect to try at home for your special someone. From all-purpose flour cakes to cheesecakes and from buttercream cake to fondant cakes, every cake is unique and must to try. Here we are going to discuss the different types of cake which are must to know if you want to bake some of the really delicious cakes. Baking is not as difficult as you are thinking, it can be turned into a fun activity if doing with your family.

1) Shortened Cakes

These are basically the cakes which are made with buttercream frosting and this frosting cake is the most common one among all the cakes. In this type of cakes, there are, layered cakes and pound cakes include which is making the cakes delicious and presentable to have. Layering is the most common step in baking all the cakes, it allows the cake to maintain it’s moist texture for better taste. And pound cakes are the simple plain butter cakes of any one flavor and it won’t require any type of cream frosting. This type of cakes is so delighted that you can even prefer it as a gift to your loved ones with choosing online cake delivery option.

2)Form and sponge cakes

These are the cakes which are having the fluffy texture and are made up of eggs and eggs yolks only. These are the low-fat cakes and in this cake, you don’t have to add many ingredients in it. This cake is healthy as well as tasty to try, you can try making a different cake like roll filled with jam, pancakes and more like this in this kind of cakes.

3)Flourless or Low-flour cakes

The cakes which are made with low flours or with no flour at all. These cakes are made only with whipped cream, egg yolks, condensed milk and with cheese cream. It is the most creamy cake to have. These cakes are made in less time because there is no flour used in this so it will take much time baking also. These cakes are best for those who want to eat cake in doing very less time and with fewer efforts.

4)Unbaked cakes

The cakes in which there is no need of baking and will take less time in preparation. There are many types of unbaked cakes available to enjoy with like ice cream cakes, cheesecakes, and ice box. These are the cakes which are easy to bake and will be perfect to have your snacks time. These are tasty as well as fruitful to have in summers because they are the unbaked cakes and are made with fruits and some of the chilled ingredients.

5)Yeast cakes

In every cake, the yeast is always there because it is the product by which the cakes get its fluffiness. But nowadays instead of yeast, baking powder or baking soda is been used. Be it a birthday cake, wedding cake or any other cake every cake requires this product.

Above are the 5 types of cakes which are must to know about before baking the cake. Every cake is delicious and tempting if it is made with all the proper process of the cake. These are the cakes which will make your any occasion unique and special by its splendid flavors and taste. Not just the 5 types, in fact, you can try some other different type of cakes to delight your mood. By following these tips you can bake some interesting cakes which can make your day more special and as you all know mother’s day is coming, it will be the perfect time to express your love and care for her and there is nothing better than wishing her with a happy mother’s day cake to her.

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