7 Trendy Footwear Every Woman Should Own

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Without the right footwear you cannot hope to create an impression. Even the finest apparel will not have the desired effect when it is paired with inappropriate shoes. In short, you must remember that trendy-looking shoes exude a lot of power and help to enhance your overall appearance. So, the right choice of footwear could actually make or break your image.

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  1. Ballet pumps: These are easy-to-wear shoes and are known for their high comfort quotient. These can be the best choice particularly if your feet are already sore from wearing high heels the evening before or if you have been running errands throughout the day in uncomfortable footwear. You can sport pumps with almost any kind of attire, jeans, dresses and even skirts.
  2. Classic trainers: These are obviously a handy pair for all women. Whether you are using shell toes for the summer or a canvas pair that has a timeless appeal, trainers is something that should find a place in your shoe cupboard. The best part about having an attractive pair of trainers is that you can wear them at any time, winter or summer, and these can be as comfortable as pumps.
  3. Ankle boots: The ankle boots always have a special place in a woman’s heart mainly because of their trendy look. These boots can complement a stunning dress; you can choose to purchase either flat ankle boots or one with heels. Whatever the choice, these shoes look perfectly classy whether you wear them with denims or an elegant maxi dress. Open-toe boots may be a great addition to your closet for winter and autumn night parties.
  4. Go-to high heels: Heels are a part of a modern woman’s footwear collection because you can wear these with all kinds of apparel. While the nude and black colored pumps are a safe pair for most clothes, the colored ones can be used for complementing clothes of the same shade or for upping the glamour quotient when you flaunt a monochrome outfit. Amongst the many types of heels that you own, there is always one pair that becomes your go-to heel which you find handy for every occasion.
  5. Flat sandals: These are perfect for the summer months, whether you like the stylish sandals or the strappy ones. When the weather is warm, you will not like to wear closed shoes and these sandals are lightweight and super comfortable. Gladiator-style sandals can be the best choice when you do not wish to take attention away from your outfit.
  6. Knee-high boots: This pair is a must-have for every woman as it emanates style and class. They are perfect for the cold winter days because they keep the feet warm and make you look trendy. You can pair these with short skirts, skater dresses or jeans, and you are sure to turn heads wherever you go. The brown shade is the best one to have as this complements autumn colors while the black one is perfect for the winter months.
  7. Wedge sandals: These sandals are comfortable for walking, and make your legs appear longer. You do not have to be afraid of blisters that are common when you wear a pair of very high heels for long hours. Wedges can complement your summer look, whether you are attending garden parties or weddings. The heels will not sink into the grass and can be comfortably worn for events where you may need to stand for a long time.

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