7 Steps for Painting your Interior Door

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Painting job is not easy! A lot of preparation is needed before painting your interior doors. It freshen up the look of your home. If you are finding the painting job difficult, then you can contact Cape Cod painting company for assistance. The skilled painters will do paint your interior door according to the trendy colors.For painting the interior door, follow the below listed seven steps:

Remove the Door from Its Hinges

This step in the painting process is difficult but if you do, it will help you to get more professional look during the painting process. It is arduous to paint the door in the vertical position. It is better to remove the door and this will prevent the chances of drips and runs. Lay down the door flat and remove the knobs, plates, and lock mechanism before you start the work.

Here’s a tip, you should keep the hardware in a marked bag so that you don’t lose it or forget about the items related to a specific door.

Clean Your Door

Once you have removed the door, your door might have grime and fingerprints. If you will be painting it in this condition, then it will not give a clean finished look. Paint does not adhere well on the dirty door so it is recommended to wash the fingerprint and dirt t away. Once your door is cleaned, let it dry completely.

Here’s a pro tip, use TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) cleaner and sponge to clean the dissolved grime and grease.

Fill Holes in Your Door

After cleaning, if your door is damaged and having holes, then first, you need to fill the holes. When you will paint on the hole, they will get highlighted giving an odd look. So, take time to fill them. If the hole is 1/8-inch-deep, you can use a spackling compound to fill them. If you are having deep holes in the door, then you require a two-part filler or an epoxy wood filler. Any further problem? You can get services regarding residential house interior painting from the skilled companies in your area to complete the painting job.

Prime Your Door

After filling the hole you need primer because it helps the new paint to adhere well and block stains. You need to prime the entire door. A gray-tinted primer is best if you are planning to paint over a color or trying to change the color of your door. Once it dries, you should again check for any flaws. If any problem exist , fix it before moving on to the next step of sanding the door.

Sand Your Door

After you prime your door, now it’s time to sand your door. This process is important and should be done instantly after priming the door to avoid the bubbles or ridges.

Painting the Door

When you are going to paint your door, you should use high-density foam mini roller instead of a brush. This will help you to remove the lap mark and brush marks.

Start your painting job with the frame/casing, and move upward from bottom to the top. Leave the tops and sides (these parts are hidden when the door is closed). If you think the painting is not a cup of tea for you, then you can hire local painting contractors to get the work done.

If you are having a plain door, then you should use a foam roller to apply the paint. For sides, you can use the angled brush. In case, if you are painting the paneled door, then you should follow the below-listed steps:

  • Paint the recessed areas of the panels by using a wide-angled brush.
  • Roll paint on the raised areas of the panels.
  • After this, you should paint down the center of the door using a foam roller
  • Then paint the sides of the door.
  • To paint the outer edges, use an angled brush or roller.

Dry the Door

After painting is done, let the door completely dry before rehanging it. Once the door is back in its hinges before you close it wait for two days. Furthermore, if you are looking to get commercial painting services, then you can get in touch with an experienced company to avail commercial painting services for your property.

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