7 Most Downloaded Mobile Apps In 2020

7 Most Downloaded Mobile Apps In 2020

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The year 2019 is about to end but it has left a bundle of great memories in terms of technological innovation. Where Tesla’s cars are still mind-boggling the nation, the rising trends in the mobile app industry are too hard to ignore.

From PUBG to Call of Duty, some of the great apps surfaced the industry, which swept the users in their indulging interface and programming. So, this blog will give you a little trip through all those apps you have used and have benefitted your life in one way or another.

1.    Call of Duty

Designed exclusively for mobile users, Call of Duty has an immersive interface of a battlefield. The app aesthetics are so intimidating that you will get the battalion enthusiasm just when you sign in. It has a huge inventory of guns- real-looking weapons and a lot more to make you enjoy fighting. Moreover, it provides customized controls and all the accessories that can help you give a tough blow. You can create strategies and earn more points by winning battles.

2.    WhatsApp

WhatsApp is yet another most used application. It has given a whole new way to hold communications and enjoy socializing. You get connected to your friends in an instant. The facility to send and receive messages and makes calls over internet facility help you save a lot of bucks. You do not have to waste your money over every single text message, which you stay unsure if it has reached your friend, or not.

3.    Facebook

Facebook, which has now owned WhatsApp and Instagram, is undefeatable. No other app can outshine Facebook due to its ever-expanding online reach. If you look around you will find even your maid being online on Facebook. Facebook has turned into a smaller search engine where you can find anybody no matter how far he lives.

4.    Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger too come in the list of famous mobile apps being the only responsive messenger present in the Google Play Store and App Store. The app is full of features that provide ease in communicating. Moreover, with the integration of Chatbots, it is now being used for business purposes. Many stores are running smoothly on messengers. Each of the mobile app development Canada company is now focuses on introducing new ways to utilize the app for the betterments of the business.

5.    Instagram

Instagram is yet another social media application. It is feature-rich and is interactive enough to hold your attention for longer. The app provides you with a window to peek into the life of celebritui4es and notable personalities along with of your friends as well. You have to follow your friends who follow you back and after that, you will get updated about their activities. You can share updates about your travelling experience or anything special going on in your life. Moreover, you have to add hashtags that will optimize your post to appear in front of general public.

6.    Snapchat

Snapchat is a great app as it captures short-lived moments. You sure must have made a million moments with your loved ones. The app showed a long list of features to keep its audience amused throughout the year 2019. It provided a fulfilled interface for active users to stay connected and active. With the GPS integration, the filters even got updated according to the location you are at, giving you a chance to show your followers where and what are you doing.

7.    Google Maps

Google Maps has played a vital role in showing the wayfarers in the right direction. The app made travelling convenient and safe. No matter to which region you want to travel everything becomes accessible when you have Google Maps downloaded in your smartphones. You can look the time taken to travelling a particular distance along with the mode of transportation as well.

Wrap Up

Just like 2019 you can make the year 2020 a blast as well. There will be many more applications coming your way. So, do pick the one you want carefully and first wait to check the review. Apps will be more secured and feature rich in the coming time.

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