7 Essentials Of Making Animated Content For Online Marketing

Over the course of past few years, you might have noticed the frequency at which the visual content is being posted in the online world. Whether you talk about ads, images, data charts etc. everywhere you go, you will see the prominence that visual content has. But, since many type of videos exist, there is one that stands out and that is animation. From 2D to 3D videos, and whiteboard animation as well as explainer videos, the frequency of their usage suggests their role and benefit in the online world.

However, is making them that easy? Or, is there a generic way of making them or do you just need to swing it until you make it? While you can be as creative as you like, here 7 essentials to help you use it properly.

1.   Write A Script

One of the first things that you will need is a script. In order to make a proper visual outlet for your ideas, you need to put them on a paper first. Whether you wish to make it dramatic or documentary style, make sure you write the script accordingly.

2.   Focus On A Solution

Now that you know you will need a script, what should be the content of your script? Do you need to focus on your product or the need of your audience? The answer is a bit of both, as you need to offer a solution through these video animations.

3.   Hit The Emotional Chord

If you wish to strike your audience where they feel compelled, then lean towards something emotional. While this should be tended to while you are writing the script, improvising while you are making the video can also come in handy. So, make sure you focus on something that hits the emotional chord with your audience.

4.   Short & Light Nature

One of the keys towards using animated videos on any platform is the size of their file.So, if you make heavy videos with lots of texture and animated objects, it might add to the visual intrigue, but the consumer with slower internet will not be able to see it.So, you need to ensure making something that is short and light in nature.

5.   Intriguing Visuals

Another essential aspect of creating good animated videos is the visual intrigue that it offers your audience. As mentioned above, using too many visual elements can harm the size and nature of the video. However, using too less can also demean its purpose. So, make sure you use intriguing visuals to portray your ideas.

6.   Relatable Scenarios

Once again, an element that you should tend to while you write the script, but you can always improvise later on. You need to make sure the scenario of your animated video is relatable to your target audience, whether it is a dramatic ad or documentary style explainer video.

7.   Use It On Various Platforms

Now that we understand the creation process and essentials of making them, here are three top platforms that you should be using them on.

·         Website

One of the first platforms that you should use an animated video on is on your website. Websites struggle with retention rates and animated videos can help improve them and also increase their SEO rankings.

·         Social Media

Social media networks are your best friends when it comes to connecting with an audience and animated videos can help increase that efficiency. Furthermore, each social media network offers native advertisement and using animation through them can prove highly beneficial.

·         Blogs

Lengthy blog posts can contain vital information but might become an annoyance for the readers. So, using animated videos in them can help you lighten the nature of complex topics and help make them simpler. Moreover, you can also find better SEO visibility with them.

Wrapping It Up

So, those were some of the ways of using animated videos on various online platforms. The key is to present a solution, identify your objective and understand your audience.

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