7 Best Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Actually Thoughtful

“Books are the means by which we build bridges between culture”
-Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

You couldn’t agree more with this quote by the respected Dr, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan especially in this world full of communal violence. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was the first Vice President and second President of the India who was also a great scholar and teacher. And, to honor this legendary soul, every year on the 5th of September, people celebrate Teacher’s Day in India, which also happens to be his birth anniversary.

Teacher’s Day signifies the importance of teachers in our lives. Their hard work, dedication, blood, and sweat in designing the future of the nation. In India, Teacher’s Day is celebrated with full fervor in almost every school and college. On this Day, senior students dress up as teachers and take classes of junior standards. Students also deliver Teacher’s Day speech honoring the role of teachers in their lives. But, most importantly students give Teacher’s Day gifts to their teacher and thank them for their guidance.

This article provides you a list of seven best Teacher’s Day gift ideas that will help you say a big thank you to your best teachers in a thoughtful way:

A Personalized Pen



Everyone has that favorite teacher in school or college. If you too have one favorite teacher whom you respect a lot and never misses his or her class then, on Teacher’s Day, honor your favorite teacher with a personalized pen.


A Teacher’s Day Cake


teachers day cake

Well, celebrating Teacher’s Day in its true form means paying your utmost respect towards each and every teacher of your institution. So, you can order a Teacher’s day cake and give a delicious treat to your lovely teachers.

A Handwritten Letter

handwritten note-teachersday

handwritten note

We often fail to express our gratitude towards our teachers for showing us the right path and for recognizing our talents. Right? So, on Teacher’s Day, you can actually write a letter thanking your teachers for their encouragement.

Greeting Card With Flowers


greeting cards

greeting card

If you are looking for something simple, meaningful, and complete then, you should definitely go for flowers with a greeting card. You can give one flower to each teacher along with a card and make them feel equally honored on Teacher’s Day.

The ‘Best Teacher’ Mug

This gift is for the teacher who understands your potential and flaws both. Then, works on you to polish your skills. So, to that teacher, dedicate a customized mug on Teacher’s Day that quotes- ‘The Best Teacher In The world’.

A Diary Book

A diary is one of the important stationary items that every teacher keeps with him or her. So, if you want to gift something really thoughtful to your teacher’s a diary book will make the best choice. You can find a huge array of creative diary books online.

A Lucky Bamboo Plant

bamboo plant

bamboo plant

A lucky bamboo plant is another meaningful Teacher’s Day gift that is sure to be loved by your teachers. Gifting a lucky bamboo plant to your teachers will ensure them a bright and fortunate life ahead.

With these beautiful and meaningful Teacher’s Day gift ideas, make sure to honor your teachers on 5th September in the best possible manner.


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