7 Advantages Of Blended Classes

7 Advantages Of Blended Classes

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Universities and other educational centers that maintained face-to-face teaching as almost the only option are being forced to change their teaching formulas due to COVID-19 and, although at first it could be tremendously overwhelming to make the leap to online teaching of From one day to the next, effective formulas are being found to live with the pandemic safely and without diminishing the quality of education.

One of these formulas consists of doing blended classes alternating the groups that go to the center with the groups that are formed from home so that, when they attend class, these groups are reduced and the proper distance can be maintained.

The point is that blended classes have many advantages because they bring together the good of online teaching and the good of face-to-face. Let’s see some of them:

  1. The flexibility of blended classes

The blended classes allow a greater conciliation both with family and social life and with work or other complementary studies. The part that we do online can be adapted to our schedule needs and we are the ones who set the pace, even being able to access the teaching platform at any time of the day or night.

  1. They teach to organize well

This teaching model forces us to have greater control over our schedules and the time we must dedicate to each subject, which is very useful for those people who tend to procrastinate, because learning to manage our time is essential to be successful in the classroom. career and obtain our ghostwriting company in the period of time we have planned.

  1. They take care of the environment

Reducing class attendance also reduces emissions, transportation costs and plastic consumption (less use of vending machines, etc.); therefore, the blended classes are much more ecological and economical than the face-to-face classes.

  1. They facilitate networking

The problem with teaching that is completely online is that social relations between students and between students and teachers are difficult, but with blended classes we will meet our classmates and teachers in person and our professional contact agenda will appreciate it. Make networking is always very positive to find a good job in the future.

  1. Personal treatment

Always communicating with teachers by email eliminates the personalized treatment that helps so much to unite the relationships between teachers and students. The great thing about blended classes is that they make it easier for us to give both types of communication normally and that we can consult doubts in person and look our teachers in the eye.

  1. Two types of teaching

Online classes are usually more practical in nature and face-to-face classes tend to provide a higher theoretical load. Blended classes give us both options, which is very good for our training. A face-to-face class will allow us to observe the personal opinions of the teachers and learn from their experiences (which is undoubtedly an advantage that online classes do not have ) and the contents of the online classes will provide us with a very extensive and varied documentary body.

  1. Time to do moocs and other courses

The time we save by avoiding travel and downtime on campus we save to use in whatever we want to do the most, but if we want to be great professionals in our field of knowledge, we will soon see that university education cannot cover everything. The university provides an extensive knowledge base and a wealth of tools for us to learn to research and search for our own sources of knowledge.

The good thing about the time saved in the blended classes is that it will allow us to observe if there are any deficiencies that we miss in our training and act accordingly.

Currently all training centers offer free or very low-cost online courses ( moocs ) that, in addition to giving university credits, can help us expand our education and gradually define the specialty that most attracts us.

Sudden changes in our routines are not usually pleasant at first, but we must adapt and be tolerant with the situation. The formula for blended classes can be very appropriate if we accept it with an open and positive mind.

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