6 Things You can Only Do While Traveling by Indian Railway

Indian railway is huge. It is the most used public transport in the country and millions of people travel by it every day. It can take you to the places where flights usually don’t go. Whether you are traveling in India for business or pleasure or simply visiting home, Indian railway is one of the best modes of transport.

Traveling in India can be a hassle. The huge population, the demand on the hygiene and dearth of facilities can make traveling a bit difficult for people. But, the upside of traveling in Indian rail is great especially if you are traveling to explore. Firstly you must choose some right platform to make booking for your travel plan where you can select Yatra Offers on train ticket booking. And, there are some things that you can only do or can only happen in Indian railway.

Here are the top reasons for traveling by Indian rail:

Travel through the Varied Terrain

Traveling by Indian rail provides you with an opportunity to explore the terrains absolutely free. Indian railway is stretched over thousands of kilometers across the country. You can start from one end say from Kolkata and end up in Mumbai in one train. Imagine how many states and places you will cover in between. This is one of the things about the Indian railways – you get to see places from different parts of the country.  As you travel you will quickly notice change in the terrain and landscapes and people and culture as well.

Meet the Colorful Crowd

One of the greatest things about the Indian railway is that you will get to see people from every walk of life and from different parts of the country. Together, it makes for a colorful crowd. Anyone who has seen Indian railway station or traveled in train will know that it’s generally very crowded. You will get to see variety in terms of people, language, clothing, food, way of talking and much more. Nowhere will you find the display of diversity as vivid as in Indian railway.

Have more fun traveling

If you are traveling in a group for a vacation then train is one of the top choices. If you have to ask why then you probably never travelled with friends in a train. Traveling in train is a lot of fun. For long journeys, train is a convenient option. There is more space and everyone can sit together and talk and have fun. Not just friends, train is very convenient for traveling with family as well. This is one of the best reasons for traveling in Indian railway as they are very enjoyable and convenient.

Enjoy the countryside

Traveling in Indian railway is your chance to explore the vast countryside. Long journey by train will take you through countryside of many states. It can be very inspiring for people looking for ideas for their creative projects. The vast countryside can be beautiful, new and a learning experience for you. If you haven’t seen raw natural beauty in a long time then a train journey can offer you the chance.

Buy Stuff at Cheaper rates

It may sound obscure, but if you like buying things at cheaper rates then Indian railways is one of the places where it can happen. While waiting in the station or while in the train too you can buy stuff from sellers. While it may sound like security threat or not ideal for various reasons, it is a major part of Indian railway and has been for a long time. Who knows you might even like it. Buying small trinkets can be fun and you can get them at cheapest rates on earth.

Take as many luggage you like

Traveling in Indian train has one big advantage – you can take as many luggages as you want. Indian people like to travel with lots of things including food. So if you are traveling in a group and with kids you are likely to have more luggages. The train has plenty of space to accommodate so many people and luggage as well. If you are tired of airlines ripping your pocket with their extra charges for extra luggage then Indian trains are one of the best options. Just be comfortable by choosing to book your train tickets online with some of best offers today by clubbing it with Goibibo Coupons today.

The Bottom-Line

Traveling in Indian railway can be fun, inspiring, educative and much more. Whether you are traveling solo or with friends or in a group, Indian train offers you the chance to enjoy the journey through different states, landscape, and culture.

What do you think of your experience of traveling by Indian railways?

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