6 Reasons for Having Joomla Based Websites

It is seen that Joomla has gained popularity amongst small business houses for developing their websites. It is the simplification and automation that it offers are reasons amongst many ofr its popularity. Availability of many third-party plugins also allows various web development task easier using Joomla. There are various other reasons for it being popular as it is noted down below.

  1. Efficient Design

The presence of various templates, samples and menu systems makes this CMS platform to be the one which can be effectively used for development of a site which is attractive and user-friendly. Having joomla development services from reputed web development firms will enable one to have such a development. They have the ability to customize the site according to specific requirements so that effective business enhancement can be achieved.

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  1. Ease of content creation

As a website owner, Joomla can be used to publish, to organize and to manage a variety of materials. The built-in editor which Joomla offers gives one the ability to post articles which are rich in text or multimedia. The website nature completely changes having such high-quality content in it.

Using the CMS platform one can easily generate RSS feeds, conduct online pools, link the directories and contact lists that are required.

  1. Member database

Registration of accounts into the website is made easier when Joomla is used as the CMS platform. One will be having the option to grant or deny permission to one to access the site in order to add, to view or to modify any content inside. The private messaging functionality can be effectively used to have a direct contact with the members.

In order to have such useful functionalities in the site, one must opt to have joomla customization services offered by reputed web development organizations. They have the ability to customize the site according to the specific requirements and that too at an affordable rate.

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  1. Integration of social media

Social media network can be effectively used for communicating with customers when the website is developed using Joomla. The plugins will allow one to add contents, icons and sign-in boxes inside the site itself. Using such features customers can have an effective communication with the owner of the site and the business house can expect to have growth in revenue earning.

  1. Marketing features

The SEO was the key concept in mind when this CMS was developed. Joomla being an SEO compatible CMS enables one to add URLs, Meta tags and links which are search-friendly in nature. If one wishes to know the progress of the optimization then it only needs to install any of the Google analytics plugins.

Best joomla development company can provide such nature of optimization to the site so that one can have increased business revenue. They also undertake other SEO practices so that the site lands up on the first page of major search engines.

  1. Easy to sale and pay

If one desires to have an e-commerce site which enables a business house to sale effectively and let customers pay securely then Joomla is the best CMS platform to be chosen. The plugins available makes the entire process automated.

So, having a look at the above reasons it can easily be said that Joomla is the best CMS platform to be chosen for ecommerce development company.

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