6 Killer Ways to Promote YouTube Videos for More Views

If you are having a channel on YouTube and you want to promote your videos then what will you do? The reality is that, if you are spending too much time on putting your videos on YouTube then it will not play any part in increasing your views. It is necessary that a huge audience should see your videos and for that you need to promote your videos and do its marketing also. Some discipline is needed to promote the videos. Now I will tell you 6 killer ways to promote YouTube videos for more views.

1.Title of your video – The title plays a very important role for your video to be seen by a large number of people, increasing its views and sharing it also. The title should be chosen carefully as it plays a significant part in your video. If you are going to pick your video title then you must consider the following things:

  • Keywords must be used at the start of the title.
  • It must be grabbing the attention of the audience.
  • You must include the current year in it.
  • It should be short.
  • Some strong words can be used like Incredible, Awesome and Best.
  • Use words like Censored, Passionate, Lonely, Sensual for creating emotions.

2.Proper use of video tags – If you are using video tags incorrectly then the promotion of your video will be very difficult. Tags used in a blog are different from the tags used in YouTube video. The tag of any video can be edited any time. For using tags in a video there are some rules:

  • The name of your brand must be included in the tag.
  • Keywords that are main must be included in it.
  • Keywords with some variation can also be used here.
  • You can include in your videos those tags that some videos with good rank are using.

3.Use social media channels for sharing your videos – If you want to interact with a large number of people to promote your video then you can take the help of social media. Your old videos as well as the videos that are released recently can be promoted on social media channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For doing real time interaction with people a group can be created for the YouTube channel on a very popular social media platform known as Facebook. For doing this a Facebook page needs to be created.

4.You can start a blog for your YouTube channel – In order to get the quality traffic for your YouTube channel you can start a blog for it so that it can attract a large number of people. In this way Blogging as well as YouTube can help you earn money. The theme of your blog must be customized and it should show close relation with the video. You can use WordPress hosting for writing your blog if you have a channel which is giving you money also. It is because you need not to think so much about maintenance of WordPress hosting.

5.Use of CTA – If you want to do self-promotion then you can use call to action. You should request the people watching your video to subscribe to your channel, share and like your videos. By doing this the engagement can be increased and a large number of people can see your videos thereby increasing your views.

6.Use of Creator Academy by YouTube – If you want to become a perfect YouTuber then you can take the help of YouTube Creator Academy launched by YouTube. You can take online courses in this academy. It will tell you the ways by which your channel can get more and more traffic.

For good promotion of your brand you can take the help of digital marketing company India. It will help you with strategies for doing promotion.

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