6 Greenest Spots in the World

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Everyone loves greenery. The green color has an innate tendency to calm our nerves and soothe our souls. Sometimes, we crave the lush green mountains, while on the other; we want to see the shining landscapes filled with thick grass. We also tend to love the sports stadiums that have top-notch grassy turfs. Psychologists say that watching natural greenery not only sharpens our eyesight; it also reduces the risks of heart-related disease in humans.

There are so many places in the world where you can observe the serene spots having a captivating shade of green. However, not all places are perfect. There are some unique spots where you will find the greenery of every kind. Here, we have discussed the places that are the greenest on earth.

1.    Lake Carezza, Italy

Lake Crezza often termed as the rainbow lake because of the constant variation in its colors. The lake’s colors can shift from blue to green, depending on the atmosphere. In summers, the color remains green, while in winters, the color of the lakes becomes white-blue. The surroundings of the lake are filled with greener pastures and trees.

Once you visit this lake through cheap flight ticketsyou will be overwhelmed by its serenity and beauty. The colors of the sky are also reflected in the lake, and so, you cannot miss this place if you are a greenery lover.

2.    Curitiba, Brazil

The huge green parks, well-maintained pedestrian paths, and the well-furnished cycling tracks make this Brazilian city an amazing place for the greenery lovers. Developing cities in the world can certainly take a cue from this city and incorporate the same things in their own environment. The botanical garden of Curitiba is a famous spot and is home to more than 350,000 plant species. The city is also known as the ecological capital of Brazil, given the fresh and locally grown food.

The city also has plenty of tourist attractions where you can go to fend off your exhaustion. Undoubtedly, you will feel overwhelmed in this city.

3.    Oslo, Norway

Owning to its efforts in sustainable living and green plantation drive, the city was named the Green Capital of Europe in 2019. Here, you will even see the entirely car-free streets. Oslo has an abundance of vast and open areas with beautiful lakes and serene greenery. Instead of using vehicles, locals prefer bikes. They also like to walk a lot because they think that utilizing their vehicles will pollute the city’s environment. Surprisingly, the restaurants here also offer eco-friendly food, and the main items of their menu always consist of vegetables. So, if you visit this city, try to be careful in not littering the city.

4.    Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye is a beautiful town located in the Mugla region of Turkey. In terms of sustainability, the town is the most successful one. The government of Turkey has worked diligently in launching some projects in this area that are meant to make it more greenish. The farmers are connected to the hotel owners so that they can tell them what to cook and what no.

There are a number of recycling bins in the town in a bid to keep the city clean. As a result, the area has become the most greenish area in Turkey. The dazzling trees and the adorable plants here can entice anyone. Turkish Airlines booking is the best option if you want to visit this place.

5.    Waiotapu New Zealand

Waiotapu is the active watery green area at the southern end of New Zealand. The area is famous for colorful pastures given the thousands of trees and the enigmatic flowers. Surprisingly, there is also a lake here that skyrockets the overall beauty of this green swath of land. The hot springs naturally appear around the area and look like they are from heaven.

This area has a long history as a tourist hotspot. Since 1931, people from various countries have been coming here and enjoying their best days. The lush green pastures and the fresh landscape is a refreshing sight for everybody.

6.    Black Forest, Germany

Germany has the forests so dense and thick that people call them black. The Black Forest is the most scenic place in Germany that has lush green pastures and captivating landscapes. The villages here provide the tourists with a traditional verve that cannot be found anywhere in the entire country. The magical journey to the Black Forest will include clear rivers, verdant mountains, crystal clear lakes, and the mesmerizing waterfalls. The valley is famous not only for the natural views but also for the serenity that surrounds the whole region. There is so much to explore in the black forest that you will be spoilt for choices.


Going to these places will leave you spellbound. Once you see their magnificence, you will not want to come back to your country. You can visit faremakers.com if you are interested in going to these places.

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