6 Factors in Choosing the Best Dental Clinic for You

Being healthy is not limited to your physical fitness or lack of serious illness, this also includes having healthy dental lifestyle- something many people, young and old, are taking for granted.

Many people believe that their mouth does not need enough caring, so they do not brush their teeth well or skip flossing. They also don’t mind what they are eating, which is often consists of sweets, chocolates, and soda. The food they commonly eat promotes plaque build-up which could lead to gingivitis, periodontitis, toothache, tooth loss, halitosis and many more.

If you are already experiencing these oral problems, then you clearly need to visit a dentist. But how do you know which clinic to visit? Should you go to a hospital or a small dental clinic would do? Will it be expensive or not? Will they have the procedure I need?

Stop worrying! Here are some tips on how you can find the perfect dental clinic to help you with your problem:

Must be in a convenient location

Make sure that the clinic you’re choosing is in a convenient location. It could be near your work or near your house, so you can visit them anytime your schedule is free. Now you won’t have any excuse for not visiting your clinic because it is just nearby.

Accredited by your health care

You most likely have a health coverage provided by your company. Check your health provider and ask if dental services are part of your coverage. Also, ask for a list of accredited clinics and look for the ones near you. Note that many health providers do not cover major dental procedures like a wisdom tooth surgery, tooth implant, and root canal therapy. Wisdom tooth surgery in Singapore for example, could range from 700 to 1500 SGD. That is quite a lot but many companies only take the most basic health care for their employees, hence such procedure might not be covered by the health care provider.

Research about the clinic and their dentists

Search online for reviews, accreditations, websites, and information about the clinic and their dentists. Sure, these data could be faked or exaggerated but it would still help analyse red flags about the clinic. To be sure, ask your friends or send emails to people who have already tried the service of the clinic you are eyeing.

Types of available services

Read about the services they offer and make sure that the ones you need, and might need are already offered. Moving from one clinic to another just because the first one does not have a complete service is a hassle. Sticking with one doctor would help address your dental issues quickly.

Check if clinic is equipped with clean and modern facilities

In relation to your research about the clinic, look if they have clean and modern facilities that can accommodate your need. Outdated facilities might do more harm to your teeth than fix it, so if you could secure a tour of the clinic that would be great.


Ask for the guarantee terms

Guarantee terms are often overlooked by patients when looking for a dental clinic. But it is actually one of the most important factors in choosing the dental clinic. Compare the guarantee terms of different clinics so in case there’s a problem with the dental procedure, you can easily ask for remedial work. For reference guarantee terms for certain dental procedures could last for this long:

  • Crowns- 5 years
  • Bridgework- 5 years
  • Implants (product only)- Lifetime
  • Partial Dentures- 3 years
  • Full Dentures- 1 year

 The terms could be reduced in invalidated, so ask the dental clinic you are eyeing.

There you go, these tips could help you decide which dental clinic to choose. But whichever it is, be sure that you dentist is friendly, approachable and considerate. Remember, a visit to the dentist is already stressful, don’t make it harder by getting a dentist you are not comfortable with.

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