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6 Do’s & Don’ts To Get The Perfect Shave Everytime

Grooming yourself and being presentable for your first date with that special lady of yours is a big deal. Going in with a well-shaved look will definitely impress her.

However, to get that on-point shave you need to follow some guidelines. Yes, the tools of shaving is significant such as replaceable razor blades or an alcohol-free shaving gel.

But you also need to keep in mind the do’s and don’ts of shaving for grooming that impressive beard of yours. So let’s get started with it.


Oil your beard diligently

Well, if you want a frizz free luscious looking beard no matter how many times you shave then you got to do this regime on a daily basis. Oiling or conditioning your beard is a important step to follow.

Applying this simple grooming routine makes a lot of difference. You will get well maintained shave every time with no frizz. Since you have been oiling the facial beard of yours regularly.

Make sure you use an all-natural ingredient beard oil or balm for getting the maximum goodness of conditioning.

Trim them regularly

Even if you want a keep them long and strong you got to trim your beard regularly. Don’t go over board and make it short. Just a light trim will do wonders for your facial beard.

You’ll notice that your beard is growing in that perfect shape which you want. This is only possible with regular trimming sessions. Also, you will be able to get rid of that unwanted hair giving you the perfect style.

Brush the beard daily

Again just like conditioning you got to brush your beard regularly. This routine will help you keep you beard shiny, strong and healthy. In fact, brushing your beard daily removes the dirt and grime stuck on them.

We recommend you to use a beard brush instead of a regular comb. Since they do the job of brushing those bad boys conveniently.


Trim the neckline high

We cannot resist ourselves but it is the most common kind of mistake that we make while getting a trim or shave. For you to get the apt neckline, we say that don’t go overboard, instead, trim just an inch over the Adam’s apple of yours.

If you go beyond this point then you will end up getting an odd look where face look awkwardly detached from your neck. Plus, don’t get creative in this part of the face. You don’t want to get that weird look after the shave.

Play with them

Some people just can’t resist to keep their hands off of their long beard. You may not know this but playing and pulling on those facial beard may have a really bad consequence.

Constant contact with your hands will end up giving you bald spots in those areas. Now, we all know how hideous those visible bald patches will look. Your dream of having a well-groomed beard will be lost forever.

Extreme makeover

Before you jump on board to get that extreme makeover with your beard think twice. Your beard has their own pattern and if it is disturbed then it takes a lot of time to get back in shape.

So avoid getting any kind of extreme makeover. A light trim is what we suggest you to go for.

These are some of the vital guidelines that you must follow for getting the perfect shave look every time. A pro tip from our side, don’t forget to replace the blunt blade in your replaceable razor blades for getting the flawless shave.

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