6 Best Water Parks In The World For Relentless Fun

Summer becomes perfect if you find the fun rides, streaming pools, and the mysterious slides. Even if you are not near the ocean, a weekend trip to a water park in summers will be enough to endure the relentless enjoyment. As you jump into the pools and go with the watery flow, you feel like you are at the beach.

Since there are thousands of parks in the world, it becomes challenging to pick the best one. However, today we have tried to simplify this problem by outlining the perfect water parks in the world. We have thoroughly analyzed all the water parks and have finally come up with the list we are going to share here. Let’s get started.

1.     Splash Works, Canada

Splash Works is spread out across 20 acres and has no shortage of fascination and joy. The Barracuda Blaster is perfect for the inner-tube lovers, whereas the Muskoka Plunge is ideal for the thrill-seekers. The lakeside Lagoon is a mini pool for the families and kids. You can book Lahore To Toronto Flights if you want to go to this park.

Each year, thousands of locals and foreigners come here in summers and fend-off their exhaustion by diving deep in its waters. It is estimated that the area of the park will be expanded in the years ahead.

2.     Siam Water Park, Spain

Siam Water Park is located at a coastal suburb in Tenerife, Spain. The water park is the most amazing water attraction in Europe, owning to its slides and rides. It was opened by a Princess of Thailand so that people could come here and beat the severe heat.

It is a family-friendly location where you can relax without caring about the world. The most significant slides of the park are Mekong Rapids and Dragon, where you will experience the pure sensation of air and gravity. You certainly need to come here to endure the entertaining life of Spain.

3.     Beach Park, Brazil

Situated in the municipality of Aquiraz Brazil, Beach Park is not only a famous water park but also a prominent tourist attraction in the country. It is spread out across 42 acres, making it the largest water park in Latin American.

Apart from featuring the saunas, pools, and ecological slides, the water park also offers a 14 storey water slide for the adventure lovers. In 2012, the park had entertained more than 842,000 visitors who came here only to create unforgettable memories. Here, you will also find a plethora of dining options that serve visitors with the best Brazilian cuisine.

4.     Watercube Water Park, China

The Watercube Water Park in China is an aquatic center built alongside Beijing National Stadium. The park has been given this name because all the slides and swings here are designed like cubes. The major highlights of the park are the Aualoop slide, Tornado ride, and the Bulletbowl slide. Each one of these slides offers the visitors an out of the world experience.

The entry charges for the park are quite expensive, given sophisticated machinery and the workforce. However, you will forget about the money once you go inside the park as you will be overwhelmed by the unmitigated joy.

5.     Aquaventure Water Park, UAE

It is Dubai’s No 1 Water Park, where you will get lost in the world of excitement and chill. In 2013, it was revealed that the park was home to the world’s widest water slide. There are also several coasters, swings, and slides where the visitors will spend the remarkable days of their lives. Cheap Lahore To Dubai Flight Deals can be enjoyed if you book the flight in advance.

If you are a thrill-seeker, then you can scream down the record-breaking waterslide. The park is equally entertaining for families as it has separate sections for males and females. Whether you have come here on a business trip or on a family tour, Aquaventure Water Park is a must-visit attraction.

6.     Universal Volcano Bay, Florida

This water park at Universal Studios Orlando will leave you spellbound owning to its newly introduced wristband technology. Here, you will not lug around the bulky tubes. Instead, you will have lighter paths where the water flows like a stream. From the massive Waturi Beach pool to the private cabanas, the park has everything to entertain your soul.

In addition, there are also top-notch restaurants here where you will taste the exotic cuisine. The Kohola Reef is famous for offering tropical-inspired eats, whereas the renowned veggie burger can be found at all the restaurants.


It is imperative to go outside if you really want to counter the intense heat wave. There is no better option than the water parks where you will genuinely counter the severity of sun. You can visit to book the tickets for the countries mentioned in this article.

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