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6 Basics for Creating Effective Mailer Boxes

6 Basics for Creating Effective Mailer Boxes

The mailer boxes are primarily used for logistical purposes and branding display. They are also used for collating and protecting individual units during storage. Food, cosmetic, and beverage industries are among the top businesses that frequently leverage custom mailer boxes to display primary packs on retail racks. The particular packaging also goes by the name of display or grouped packaging.

The mailer boxes wholesale supply is mainly corrugated cardboard packaging that is manufactured in the premium finish with well thought out design and branding. Thanks to the all-important part it plays in the marketing process. Below the Legacy Printing has outlined six basics for creating effective mailer boxes that can influence your intended audience.

Flexible and Rigid Design

Opt for a flexible and rigid design that perfectly supports your encased product and provide ample space, so you can easily print your brand message or promotional content on your custom mailer box packaging. More importantly, the shape and size of your packaging shouldn’t prevent you from shipping your products to end-users or retailers.

If you are using a primary packaging, then make sure its design should be in accordance with your custom mailer box packaging also known as secondary packaging. This will allow you to slip your products into outer containers without any hassle. However, if the packaging design is not in line with your mailer box, it can lead to an increase in storage and transportation cost.

Durable Packaging Material

When choosing your packaging materials, you have to be extra cautious. Why? You need packaging materials that can keep your produce fresh for a longer period and protect it from external hazards during storage and transportation. At the same time, it should be attractive enough to create a lasting unboxing experience.

Ease of Distribution

The manufacturing and transportation cost of your packaging should be minimal. Else, you won’t get a competitive edge and it can hurt your proceeds. Since your product will be warehoused for a period before it will go on display your Custom mailer boxes must be in a manner that they provide ease of distribution and storage.

Discover Your Brand Identity

The packaging is the first point-of-contact your customers have with your brand. So it’s important that packaging design should reflect your product positioning in the market. To have the best design ideas for your secondary packaging, you must know your brand inside and out. For instance, who is your target audience? What’s your brand philosophy?

Packaging plays a vital role in setting your product apart from similar items in the market. Make sure your design is along the lines of your brand identity. In the same way, the shape, size, color, and materials used in the packaging should be consistent with your brand’s identity.

Opt for Sustainable Packaging

These days, conscious customers have a strong preference for eco-friendly or sustainable packaging. So don’t shy away from incorporating recyclable materials into your packaging process. And don’t forget to mention it on your product packaging as it creates a positive impact and influence potential customers to buy from a sustainable brand.

Think of Convenience to Carry

In today’s business fast-paced life, customers are always on the go. As a result, they are increasingly looking for packaging options that are convenient to use. People are looking for packaging that’ll make their lives easier such as reusable, lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to open and close packaging are among the favorites.



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