5 Tips To Preserve Your Skin From Damage This Winter

Winter times with dryness posing that can harm our body and skin so we really need winter proof assets to winter proof our skins.

First Thing First:

We all know what happens when winter strikes your skin starts feeling dehydrated not from outside but from inside. The cold weather makes us feel less thirsty resulting in inappropriate intake of water. Up your fluid intake or at least take 8 glasses of water daily. Other than this, try to eat fruits that are rich in water content. You might also need to change your daily skin care routine. Since winters are really drying so we need to use products that are hydrating to your skin. Try to use a face wash that is creamy or have milky touch that can hydrate your skin from outside and does not make it event drier.

Warm-Short Showers:

Warm showers not hot or cold shower! I repeat warm showers. There is a significant alteration between hot and warm showers. There is no specific breakdown of temperature setting but I would suggest going with a little bit low temperature because what hot shower do is, it strips your body of the oils which does great job in helping your skin to stay moisturized. The second way is to make your showers a bit shorter in winters and take shower once in a day.


Many people do not consider exfoliation important. Let me tell you that your skin cell have a natural life of 28 days and dead skin cells had to be remove to bring the new skin up. Specially, cold and dry wind of winter leaves your skin flakier. Therefore, exfoliation helps us to remove dead cells, increases blood circulation and removes dirt and germs from clogged pores and minimizes them to avoid and skin breakouts.


You can moisturize your skin anytime you want but they key technique I wanted to share with you is try to put on some cream, lotion or any kind of moisturizer right after you take shower. It is because if you apply moisturizer within 3 to 5 minutes of taking shower it is the time your body is going to be most receptive to taking in moisturizer. Secondly, moisturizer will lock the dampness into your skin and it will stay hydrated for longer time.

Stay away from Harsh Chemicals:

During winters your skin becomes more sensitive. The harsh cold winds leave your skin itchy and red. In this time of the year avoid using harsh chemical based products whether it is about face wash, soaps or body shampoos. In addition to this if you are a makeup freak you may face difficulty wearing your makeup these days. Because regular makeup contains alcohol and different chemicals that can dry your skin out and make the situation even worse. For this I have come across simplest way to avoid such issue is to go for Hypoallergenic Makeup these are mild makeup formulas specially composed for skin that face breakout issues.

Use a Humidifier:

In winters there is a lot of colder outside and lots of heated air inside. The continuous heating extracts the humidity of air leaving it drier which means a lot of dry skin. Ideally in your house 40 to 45 percent of moisture may exists in the air. Therefore, consider using a humidifier to maintain the level of humidity in the air which not only helps in comforting your skin but also helps in breathing issues in winters.

Use DIY Masks:

Last but not the least, take some time out and apply DIY masks or on face. Try to pick ingredients that are packed with vitamin C and D which will not only keep your skin hydrated but it will also make your skin glow. In addition to this honey, yogurt or avocado based DIY masks have moisturizing properties. Try them out too.

Hope these tips will help you shave your winters without having any trouble this winter.

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