5 Tips for Impeccable Hiking Trips with Dogs

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Taking dogs on hiking trails is a bundle of responsibility, but you can make it memorable and impeccable one by following these five tips provided in the article. Besides the basic recall and off-leash training, you have to chart out the future clearly to keep the troubles at bay.

If your dog will enjoy the trip, you will have double the fun to watch him have fun. He will guide you to explore more places. He will protect you against danger as a German shepherd does that never step back.

Tip #1 Look for An Appropriate Hiking Trail:

Take your poochy paws with you during moderate weather, that is, neither too hot nor too cold. Select a trail that’s not too rocky or steep. Avoid the areas where horse riding and mountain bike riding, etc. are frequent. Your pooch may feel uncomfortable or get hurt between the crowds.

Tip#2 Divide the Load:

Buy a backpack that’s perfect fit and comfortable for the dog to carry for a long distance. Prepare the dog backpack separately with all the required food, food bowl, water bottle, treats, collar, etc. If there’s enough space in the bag, pack his first aid box separately and put it in the dog’s backpack. The load shouldn’t be more than one-third of the body weight of the dog.

Tip #3 Essentials for Your Fido’s Health:

If your fido is aged or too young to bear the difficulties, better not to take him with you. Dogs suffering from arthritis are also not suitable hiking companions.

You should always take the first aid box, containing antiseptic and bandages for injuries, with you when going on an adventure. Provide him with small food portion an hour before leaving for the hiking trail. Increase the meal portions according to the efforts required for the hiking trip. During hot summer days, provide lots of water to avoid dehydration in dogs.

Tip #4 Plan Out Your Camping:

If you have planned to stay overnight, bring the dog’s bedding, blanket, pillow, etc. along to make the pooch feel at home at the camp. You can also consider buying the best pooper scooper for picking up after him. Also, bring poop bags to dispose off the waste easily.

Keep the dog leashed during night times to prevent losing your dog.  You can opt for glowstick bracelet collars to keep track of your fido during play.

Tip #5 Take Leashes, Harnesses and Flea Collars with You:

Follow the leash laws of the area, that is, understand whether the dog is allowed to explore the area off-leash. If there are steep areas, toxic plants, long grassy lands, and horse or bike riding areas around, a comfortable harness is necessary to keep the fido in control.

Add an identification note (your name, contact number, and address) to the dog’s collar. To avoid losing your dog in the crowds or lonely trails, get some GPS collars to keep track of your dog.


If you have given the dog basic training and prepared for the hiking tour according to these five tips, your trip will be a carefree and memorable one.

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