5 Tips for Changing Careers

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Changing careers can be a huge turning point and can leave you blind-sided on what to do. Many times your fearful and doubt your own decisions. Here are a few tips and tricks which help you along your journey

1) Self-Assessment

The first and foremost step is to realize what’s that thing that you are not getting in your current job and what’s the thing that makes you feel I want to do that. Once you have realized that quality or skill you can select career options accordingly.

There are many different types of test that let you realize your strengths and personality types and help you in realizing your potential and aptitude. Some of them are Myers Briggs Type Indicator. In this test you are asked various questions and given one personality trait from a choice of two Introvert(I) or Extrovert(E), Sensing(S) or Intuition(N), Feeling(F) or Thinking(T), Judging(J) or Perceiving(P). our personality type can be a combination of four of the choices like ISTJ or ENJP and you can select your career accordingly.

Other tests are Career consultant Leader which helps you in selecting the industry you should work for, Career Story workbook looks at your life story as an assessment tool, and many more other online assessment tools.

Often people are scared before such a major decision. Question your fear, this will help you acknowledge your insecurities and find productive solutions.

2) Doing Research

Once you decide your path, many jobs and careers will crop up. You need to explore the various possible options available and find out as much as you can and try to become a mini-expert in your field. Talk to people in the fields, raise questions on online forums, so an extensive online research, if possible attend seminars or support groups or meetups possible in your field. Read relevant articles and books to get better insight. You may also speak with a career counselor.

Once you are done with you research evaluate and compare the different options you have and chose the one which best fits your personality and allows you to use all skills and appreciates your values and gains your interest. Of possible the best possible solution is to bring in elements of your former career. Maybe instead of a radically different field, you can play another ole in the similar field. This way you’re more comfortable and easy to accommodate and are also able to work contently.

3) Plan Your Course Of Action

Once you have decided on your new career path, form an action plan to achieve your goal. Create and list all the things you will need to do.

It’s also wise to do financial planning before taking a major career shift. You should have enough finances available from your previous job to help you survive the new one, as you are not guaranteed instant success in your new job. It’s not to demotivate you from changing careers, but it’s better to have something than to be left with nothing.

4) Networking

You need to cross the bridge towards your new career and get a hands-on experience about the work you will have to do. It maybe through interning or volunteering. You can also do a few extra projects with your existing job if you’re not too sure about the change.

Informational interviews are also a great way to make connections and make your mark. Make as many connections possible in the industry as people like to hire people they know from before.

5) Do a Reality Check

Check if you’re actually ready to make such a big change in your life. Be sure on confident in your decision. Be sure it was not just a phase and you are in complete assurance of yourself. Having financial and emotional support also goes a long way in helping you have a smooth transition. Envision your success and set an achievable goal and work towards it. Don’t try to take huge leaps. Take short steps, one change at a time.

A bit different but an excellent tip is to start working out, it pumps blood to your brain makes you active and helps you to clear your head and does miracles for your mood.

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