5 Smartphone Gadgets You Should Own

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From getting your photograph printed on coffee to using Bluetooth enabled toothbrushes, gadgets indeed are becoming obsession among today’s generation.

Putting those high-definition pictures on Instagram stories and tiktok videos are nowadays more of like Roti, Kapda and Makaan. Taken it into account, we bring you 10 smartphone gadgets which you will really want to own.

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Shutterbugs 0 Selfie Flash

Now good selfies won’t see day or night as you will always be selfie-ready with this selfie flash from Shutterbugs.

  • It helps in getting high quality pictures and videos when there is no availability of natural light
  • It is convenient to use
  • It can be clipped anywhere.
  • It is designed with scratch resistant sponge which is anti-slip and hence prevents accidental drops and protects the phone from the scratches.

Shutterbugs Zoom In Telescopic Mobile Lens

These telephonic lenses are best suited for all phones. This Shutterbugs zoom lens allows capturing the views which are far away clearly providing you a high-resolution close-up photo.

It features:

  • 12x zoom lens with attractive appearance
  • Portable for travel good for color reduction producing high quality photographs new design to run rays effectively avoiding the contortion of image with universal adjustable holder
  • It’s easier to grip your phone with this.
  • Handshake is easily avoidable as it comes with adjustable tripod when photo-shooting reliable packaging & full range of accessories can be used alone as a telescope
  • Compatible to a wide range of mobile phones
  • Can be installed on basically beat views can be accessed by a digital camera, camera, ultra-thin lens does not extend the sink
  • Range folders in 55 mm – between 85 mm
  • Universal base configuration, as long as the clip, the camera in the back (except telescopic lens outside)

Shutterbugs Cable Selfie Stick

Worn new dress? Going to new restaurant? Let’s first take a Selfie with this amazing cable selfie stick!

Key Features

  • It’s portable and light in weight
  • Guess what? It doesn’t require charging
  • It has anti-slip silicon grip which prevents it from falling off
  • This adjustable selfie stick can be extended from 20.3 cm (8) to 101.6 cm (40) to easily capture whole background.
  • It does not require Bluetooth, WiFi or battery
  • It is compatible with iOS and android
  • No app is required for iPhones and iPods with iOS 6.0 and above. For Android devices; you need to install Camera 360 App to use this device.

So whether you are on a group lunch or a college trip, do not forget to take it with you.

Shutterbugs 3110 Portable Adjustable Tripod

Now create tiktok videos with zero interruption with this professional tripod from Shutterbugs. No more shaky-shaky with this tripod with black plastic fittings.

Key Features

  • High Quality Camera Lens
  • With Powerful 8X Zoom
  • With Tripod Stand
  • Can Be Used For Universal Mobile
  • Light Weight & Easy To Use

Shutterbugs Universal 3D Mobile Screen Magnifier Enlarger Screen Expander

Get a theater-like experience at home with this screen expander when you want to enjoy movies or travelling and so on. You can enjoy movies and videos with 3D effects.

Key Features

  • Folding design
  • Light weight
  • Simple appearance makes it very portable & attractive
  • It makes each mobile phone has large screen clear movies like iPad
  • Use while watching videos on the phone

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