5 skin care tips to improve your facial skin glow

Beautiful skin is what you would desire. What defines a beautiful skin? Beautiful skin is not one that is fair, but one that is free of blemishes, acne, wrinkles, pimples and dark spots.  When your face is devoid of these skin issues you are on the way to see a glow in your skin.  Skin is not only affected by the external factors such as harsh weather conditions and pollution in the environment. It is also affected by the internal factors such as hormonal imbalance and stress which ultimately leave their indelible mark on your skin.  Learning about natural ingredients that would boost skin health and add it to your daily regimen would make this story about skin care interesting.

Skin glow

Skin glow

Exfoliating and unclogging the pores with olive oil and walnuts

The first chapter in the story about skin care is to follow the golden rule of relieving your face off the makeup. The makeup usually consists of talc and other fine ingredients that could cover and clog the pores in your skin. Clogging of pores means inviting blackheads and blemishes. The best way to remove makeup, dirt and grime is to wipe it off with a cotton pad with a few drops of olive oil in it. Exfoliating is also important. Natural ingredients that will help in exfoliating is the almond powder in yogurt. The antioxidants in the walnuts will remove dirt and promote radiant skin.

Maintaining skin tone and curing acne

Turmeric contains curcuminoid pigments that help the body to synthesize antioxidants. Therefore, it is very good in slowing the aging process. Applying turmeric powder mixed with thrice the amount of lime juice is supposed to be effective in treating darkened skin. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can work wonders by keeping the ports in the skin from getting inflamed. A face pack made of turmeric, lemon juice, and raw milk can deal effectively with a suntan. The antibacterial property of Turmeric makes it an effective remedy for acne. It destroys the acne-causing bacteria and also removes the excess oil which leads to the development of Acne.

Beating wrinkles with tomato

Applying mashed tomatoes or a mix of curd and tomato pulp to your face is an effective way of having wrinkle-free skin that glows. It is because of the antioxidants in the tomato. If you are worried about oily skin and the problems that come with it, apply tomato pulp and wash it off with warm water once it dries. The astringent properties of the tomato will help you get rid of oiliness.

Cucumber  to get rid of blemishes apple to close pores

Blackheads are the major reason for blemishes.   Cucumber juice and lemon juice of equal proportions will reduce blackheads and improve the skin glow. A paste of apple peel, vinegar, Multanimittiand rosewater will help in closing the pores, tightening the skin and increasing the radiance.

Muskmelon and watermelon  to treat  dry skin

Equal proportions of muskmelon, watermelon, pumpkin and cucumber that is blended with milk cream when applied to the face and rinse after an hour will give a fresh look to the otherwise dry facial skin.

Adding a positive twist to the story of skincare is the adequate intake of water, good sleep, intake of a fair dose of fruits and vegetables and keeping your mind stress free will ensure a glowing complexion.

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