5 Reasons Why My Wife Is a Better Parent than Me

5 Reasons Why My Wife Is a Better Parent than Me?

When it comes to parenting, we usually don’t bother into gender stereotypes neither biological imperative.  Its 21st century, we are living in 2019! Parenting is no longer divided individually on a gender basis or how they feel on madmen. A team effort, a 50/50 division, mother and fathers both go through all to make it work.

Usually, they said that there are certain things my wife does a better theme, and not surprisingly most of them are not gender-specific. Excluding the sick bays, women are always ahead in the integration of their responsibilities related to their kids.

Here is the reason, why mothers are a better parent then the dads, but no gender discrimination is meant, the general behavioral difference would be discussed.

Her wonderful body:

A father’s body is more like a construction zone, throughout the day. I move around the machinery. From starting my day with driving my car, check up a pile of files and related issues in the middle and ending up my tiresome day by preparing office stuff for the next day! If I try to fit a baby in the stomach of my construction zone hard body, I think the baby won’t be able to survive, but it’s her beautiful flexible and soft body carries the baby so well, by default she is a winner in this parenting task, and one thing more, I know babies won’t grow in stomach.

Child’s Tranquility is in Mother’s lap:

Father loves his kid as much as his mother does, but still, kids find it a little difficult to share things with their dads, I don’t know what the psyche behind this is! My son always runs toward his mum whenever he got some trouble or being bullied by his friends or had a rough tough fight at school. Maybe because a child has a proception that fathers are a strict mark or the more appropriate reason is he fined peace in his mother’s lap, his tranquility lays in her lap, the kind of satisfaction that he cannot get in any other human living in this world. In providing my son with relaxation and comfort I can’t beat my wife.

Only she can spot the mess:

I wonder how my wife is so perfect in detecting what kind of mess my son had done, may because of her 6/6 eyesight or might be she had a built-in detector, that detect that my son is messed up with a dough or a slime, or sometimes he has painted our bedroom wall so beautifully with her crayons kit, no matter what kind of mess he has created within few minutes, my wife figure it out in few seconds. Not only this my wife knows what is gaining happen next, like a magician, whenever she served him a bowl of soup, she placed towel first, and within few minutes my son spread out all the soup, luckily because of the towel, less defilement occur, I was noticing all these and then I realize, that I don’t have that many superpowers, she is definitely a better parent then me.

Incredible snuggles:

When I wake up I saw my son cuddling with his mother, when I had my breakfast my son was cuddling with her, even I came back from office, freshen up myself and sit on the table for dinner my son was still want to do cuddling with her, I also went close to him and turn myself in, for some cuddling time with me, he hisses at me, it doesn’t mean that I’m not soft or I have thorns instead of skin on my body, it is just because he shares a very strong bond with his mother naturally and unluckily he has nothing to do with me.

Parental Monitoring:

My busy schedule makes me careless, I don’t know much about what my child is watching on social apps, what sort of browsing he is doing, to whom he is contacting through different social platforms, to whom he taking to through his phone calls. I know the dangers of but don’t know about how to stop this all, here my wife won, she is always one step ahead in the brought up of our son, she has downloaded parental app BlurSPY in our son’s, to monitor his activities and contacts. BlurSPY has beghasted features that are helpful for securing your child against an unsafe environment.

Here are some features of BlurSPY that will help you in performing your parenting task properly.

Live Call Monitoring:

According to a survey in us

  • Almost 78% of teenagers use Alcohol.
  • 3 % of teenager start smoking un school
  • 30 % start smoking at middle school

There are many people out there, they attract teenagers towards this injurious and unhealthy activity. You need to take care of it, to save your child, use recording software for cell phones, a wide range of software are available but it difficult to choose the best one, well we are taking this problem of yours off! Use blur spy software for spying on the calls of your child. If you find any suspicious activity, you will be able to stop greater loss, but if you don’t make use of spying software then you will come to know at the end about what is done with your child and then at that stage, nothing will be in your hand.

Browser History monitoring:

Internet is a vast book fully loaded with all kind of information that is open for everyone, even a child can access all the information about an adult’s life with just a small clue about it,  excess of everything is dangerous, this storm of too much information is injuries for your child. What you need to do is to check their browsing history. Obviously, if you are thinking to check their browsing history by lending phones from them, then sad reacts only because today’s child is smart enough to erase all the browsing history without leaving a clue, so, what to do? Install a phone bug app in your child’s smartphone, prefer to use BlurSPY phone spy app, after installing it you will have complete access to your child’s browsing history through your dashboard

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