5 Popular Techniques For Health And Safety Training In Dubai

Health And Safety Workplace dangers follow no rules. They may happen at any time and put your employees’ safety at risk. If you look at the data published by different news portals, you will see that hundreds of work-related fatalities take place each year in the UAE, and the only thing that works in these cases is a quick response to the situation. You must have heard about NEBOSH training in Dubai. There are many other courses available that you can join and get certified.

Why Is Healthy And Safety Training In Dubai Important?

With increasing health and safety threats and demand for HSE trained employees, it has become a norm to undergo health and safety training Dubai if you are willing to get a decent job. The fever is so high that all the leading companies are opting for different health and safety programs and many other medical courses in Dubai. These courses enable the employees to react to a life-threatening situation in a quick and efficient manner. Good knowledge about how to handle a situation may reduce the amount of damage to an extent. So, you must ensure to opt for a health and safety training Dubai before stepping into the business world.

Most Popular Training Techniques

Health and safety training professionals use many different techniques to train employees. Some of the most popular techniques are:

#1 Interactive Techniques

There are many interactive training techniques used by trainers that include:

Question & Answer Sessions

This technique is meant to update and reinforce the required skills in a small group of people through multiple question and answer sessions. Some trainers also give a few topics and arrange group discussion sessions.


In this method, a situation is given to all the workers following which they are assigned different roles. They have to assume themselves in those roles and act according to the situation. It helps them handle all the risky situations and keep themselves as well as others protected against such hazards while being at work.


Quizzes are also among the best ways to teach employees about health and safety. This is especially helpful in case of technical sessions that are lengthy and complicated. Quizzes help in keeping the environment interesting and your employees engaged in the program. 

Case Studies

Being one of the most effective approaches, case studies help workers visualize a situation that they are not actually in. They get to study a particular incident in detail and learn how to tackle a similar situation.

#2 Instructor-Led Training

This is just the method we all are already familiar with. The environment is almost like a classroom and lessons are also in similar lecture formats. It is one of the most used techniques as people tend to grasp more when they get to learn things in a way they are familiar with. An instructor will be there to explain an array of health and safety topics.

#3 Online Training

We deal with a really hectic schedule which is draining enough to not leave time for even the most important things. Considering today’s world where everyone is preferring staying home, online training is the only way to teach your employees about health and safety ethics. Also, it is not easy to get all your employees together if you have offices at different locations. There are many techniques that include web-based programs, audio and video conferencing, etc.

#4 Computer Based Training Techniques

While there is no substitute for human interaction, technological interference will only make the traditional techniques better. You can learn a lot in a classroom program but you will be able to remember it more if you get to read and see it in animated formats. While the animation is not a necessary element, it definitely helps to get a better picture of the program. Computer-based training contains techniques like text only, CD-ROM, virtual reality, etc.

#5 Hands-on Training

Hands-on techniques are considered to be one of the most effective health and safety training Dubai techniques as they offer workers to experience all the possible situations. One such technique is cross-training where workers are employed at other jobs in the company. These techniques promote survival and safe adaptation to a new tool, machinery, or environment among the employees while improving their multitasking abilities.

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