top 5 honeymoon places in singapore

5 Places Every Couple Must Explore In Singapore For Romantic Honeymoon

Singapore is an international tourist destination in Southeast Asia. It boasts nature, tropical rain forest, island, and sea beaches. This is an all-season honeymoon destination. Its coordinates are 1.3521° North and 103.8198° east. It is a tourist-friendly place.

If your are planning your honeymoon in Singapore you must check your package must include the five honeymoon places mentioned below worth cherishing for lifetime.

Top 5 Honeymoon Places In Singapore For Romantic Honeymoon

1. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve:


The honeymoon couples must visit this rain forest area in the heart of the city once in Singapore tour. It is on the slopes of Bukit Timah Hill. You can also visit the Timah Hill Summi and enjoy the view of Singapore City from this hilltop. Hike in this nature reserve with your loved ones and enjoy the Mother Nature. Enjoy sporting activity like biking and trekking and can also go through its natural trails of this park. There are eatery places in this park and there is no need to carry any food or water bottle inside this park. December to April is the best time to visit this nature reserve in Singapore.

2. Marina Bay Sands Singapore:

marina bay sands singapore

The Marina Bay Sands is the iconic tower of Singapore City. It is a luxury hotel and entertainment place. You both can book its top restaurant and view the city from a greater height. You can take her to its luminous garden in the evening and delight here with the artificial giant trees. They will glow like an alien plant. This is a modern garden with many tourist facilities and amenities. You can visit here as without any fee for the recreational purpose. Dine delicious foods under this landmark tower, see the light show on the tower and from its terrace three beams of light flash during the night. You can visit this place in all seasons.

3. Mount Faber:

mount faber singapore

The young couples must visit this mount by traveling through the cable car. This will make you your journey thrilling with a scenic view of this mountain and the city. It is advisable to travel up and down journey through this rope way. You can view the Singapore CBD’s skylines from the citadel of this hill. This is a rain forest area, and you can go for a Faber trial as a day trip. This is a popular local picnic spot too. You must reach here in the early morning to see the sunrise. Its top citadel is a picturesque garden place. A day trip is enough to see this attraction once in your Singapore City tour. You can visit this mount throughout the year.

4. Siloso Beach:

siloso beach singapore

This is the most happening sea beach in Singapore. The young couples can go for the water sports activities available here. This place is popular for beach volleyball. You both can go shopping on its shore. There are many restaurants and bars present here to fill your appetite and drinks needs. This is a shallow beach and the best to swim together. You both can also do body boarding on this shallow water. This beach has many sand artworks on its shore. During the night, you can see many beach parties going on. You can stay in a beachfront resort and enjoy the sun, sand and the sea. You can also find budget-sea view hotels on its beachfront. Altogether, this is an excellent place for couples to spend a week long vacation and enjoy its beach attractions.

5. Singapore Flyer:

singapore flyer sky dining

Taking your loved one to this flyer will be a memorable event once in your Singapore trip. This is a high-tech flyer. It has A/c, dining area and you will not feel any head rotation feeling due to its suspension capsule, which will stand right throughout the rotation. You can order food and dine along with view this city skyscraper. It will be looking great to see in the dawn with glittering city lights and the high-rise towers. You can view the major landmarks, iconic towers, and sea from this flyer when it reaches the top height of 541-ft above the mean sea level.

You can spend with your loved one for 30-minutes and enjoy this ride with food and drinks. This is the best recreational place for romantic couples once in Singapore City. This is a busy flyer in entire Singapore. The summer season (December to April) is the best time to visit here to do water sports activities.

Singapore tour package for couple is cheaper to book through an online channel. You will get some discounts and offers on your accommodation and flight tickets.

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