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5 Must-Have Tools for a DIY Mobile Repair

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If you’ve recently faced the wrath of your phone after overusing, chances are you’re dealing with either a cracked screen or a faulty battery.

Now, this can be annoying indeed! However, you do not have to spend tons of money on mobile repairing. All you need to do is invest in a few cell phone repair parts and DIY tools to fix your phone in a jiffy.

Now, if you’re wondering, which tools can be most useful, you’ve come to the right place!

Today’s blog will discuss 5 must-have tools a person should own to repair a cellphone at home!

Let’s Begin

  1. Suction Cup Pliers 

Let’s assume that your iPhone battery is acting up. Now, if you wish to replace the battery at home it can be quite tough to pry it open right? Well, not if you have suction cup pliers. All you need to do is attach one end of the suction cup to your phone’s front and back.

Now, slowly squeeze the pliers to gradually spate the screen from the phone. Once done, you can watch online tutorials and set about to replace your phone’s battery.

  1. Magnetic Mat

Conducting phone surgery on your own can lead to breaking a sweat. There are innumerable lose portions and parts, which can easily get lost. Now, if these tiny spare parts get lost the result is you won’t be able to assemble your phone properly.

This is where the magnetic mat can help you out. This magnetic map can securely hold the tiny parts or screws from rolling off. As a result, once you fix the issue, you can step-by-step put everything back and fix your phone.

  1. Hair Dryer/Heat Gun

Now, this might be confusing enough for you to understand. However, to pry open a smartphone it is necessary to heat the adhesive before. Therefore, a heat gun or a hairdryer can be used for softening up the adhesive.

This will make it easier for a person to remove the display without causing significant harm to the phone.

  1. Guitar Picks 

When it comes to prying open phones, suction pliers as mentioned are quite useful. However, sometimes phone displays are stuck stubbornly to the glasses, which make it hard for the pliers to pry them open.

At that moment, it is best to use things like a guitar pick. The guitar pick can double up as a makeshift spudger, which can act as spacers for pulling the screens apart. You can stick guitar picks in between the screen and the body to pry it off and prevent it from sticking again.

  1. Desk Lamp

You need little light but enough to ensure that you can clearly focus on what you’re doing. This is why it is best to invest in a desk lamp for the assemblage of your mobile phone.

Well now that you know of the tools and make sure you invest in the right cell phone repair parts for your DIY phone project. Simply make sure to buy these from a reputed store. Good Luck!

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