5 interesting things to know about Australia Touring

Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, Australia is a country and continent known for its wildlife, including unique animal species such as the kangaroos and the koalas, the vast desert wilderness called the Outback and the human made and natural landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef. If you are checking out Australia Tour Packages to visit the country soon, here are 5 interesting things to look out for when touring Australia!

Witness the Penguin Parade as part of your Australia tour package

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For wildlife lovers, the trip to Phillip Island is a must-have in your Australia tour package. The island is a haven of wildlife; offering diverse wildlife viewing from European heritage farm, Koala Conservation Centre, coast and whale watching cruises as well as bird watching. However, one of the most spectacular scenes to witness is the Penguin Parade which takes place every evening as the colony of Little Penguins return to shore from their day of fishing. Witness the world’s smallest penguin in its natural habitat waddling up the beach to the safety of their homes in the sand dunes from the viewing stands and boardwalks.

Great Barrier Reef

Another attraction that seems to be synonymous with Australia and included in most, if not all, Australia tour packages is the trip to the Great Barrier Reef. If you have been living under the rock or in a pineapple, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest living thing on Earth, even visible from outer space. One of the most extraordinary natural wonders of the planet, the 2300 km-long ecosystem comprises thousands of reefs and hundreds of islands made of over 6000 types of hard and soft coral, home to a staggering biodiversity including countless species of colorful fish, mollusks, starfish, turtles, dolphins, and sharks. The Great Barrier Reef is an absolute must-do while you are in the down under. Depending on your Australia tour package, you can also choose to explore the underwater world via snorkeling or scuba diving and get to know the colorful marine life on a much closer and more direct experience.


After swimming or taking a deep dive at the Great Barrier Reef, trade in the splash for a walk at the base of Uluru or the Ayers Rock. The Uluru is another one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world; a colossal monolith of red sandstone bulging from a pancake-flat desert. The walk around the base clocks in just over 9.5 km but it is worth every step along the way as tourists would not only be able to get to know Australia’s most iconic natural monument and learn more about the Aboriginal history and culture that imbues the landscape but experience and soak in the actual physical environment.

Some Australia tour packages include the climb of Harbour Bridge

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Another popular destination that is certain to be included in the itinerary of your Australia tour package from Singapore would be the trip to Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Harbour is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike as it is home to some of the most iconic architecture in the world, including Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Tourists can choose to walk across the harbor bridge and take in the impressive views for free or pay to have the experience of climbing the national landmark, with spectacular breath-taking views of the city and surrounding buildings. Organised by the Bridge Climb Sydney, the scaling tour of the Sydney Harbour Bridge can last from 90 to 120 minutes depending on the package you choose. You can also hop on a cruise around the Harbour to explore the area. The best view is from the lovely Botanical Gardens, where you can admire the view and take in all the sights and sounds of Sydney’s most famous buildings in the area framed in the massive arch of Harbour Bridge.

The 12 Apostles would be a great place to visit as part of the Australia tour package from Singapore

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This last one may or may not appear as one of the itineraries in your Australia tour package from Singapore. Nonetheless, the most exciting thing about touring Australia is the drive on the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road is a 240 km stretch of outrageously picturesque tarmac generally agreed to be one of the best road trips in the world and certainly the best in Australia. The beautiful stretch of coastline boasts numerous exciting monuments and attractions; the most famous is the 12 Apostles. The 12 Apostles are icons of the Victorian coastline, a testament to the power of nature, constant erosion, the violent force of Southern Ocean and powerful winds that are gradually corroding the limestone cliffs. Visit the 12 Apostles for spectacular views of the shipwreck coast from the lookouts and count how many Apostles are left standing before another one disappears into the ocean forever.

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